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Kody Brown Says Christine Drama Forces Him To Be Agreeable

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Kody Brown’s family is crumbling as Sister Wives Season 17 continues. Christine is gone and Janelle may very well be out the door behind her. Meri and Robyn are sticking around, but their relationships with Kody aren’t solid at the moment either.

Things in the Brown household definitely aren’t fine. However, Kody Brown seems to think that he’s completely blameless in the situation. He doesn’t seem to take ownership in the breakdown of the marriage and wants to point fingers at Christine instead.

In fact, now Kody is even blaming Christine for turning him into someone “agreeable.” And he definitely doesn’t like that.

Kody Brown is barely recognizable from his Season 1 persona

When Sister Wives first premiered, Kody Brown was an entirely different person. He loved his family and branded himself as a “family man.” He always seemed interested in spending time with all the kids and loved the big family structure. But over the last few seasons, that persona has completely melted away.

Now, most fans think of him as an angry, bitter man who only cares about Robyn and her children.

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

In the last few episodes, Kody has claimed that his drama with Christine has forced him to become an agreeable person. In Kody’s eyes, he thinks that his wives expect him to nod along while they talk at him and make demands.

Of course, Kody’s wives really aren’t asking for much. They really just wanted to be treated well and to have equal attention from him. And somehow, Kody Brown thinks that’s quite a bit to ask for.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

Aside from the drama with Christine, Kody is also tussling with his second wife, Janelle. This season, she decided to move out onto the Coyote Pass property with her RV. However, Kody isn’t at all interested in coming to stay with her as long as she’s in the RV. He made it clear that he really only wants to sleep at Robyn’s house since she has lots of space. Needless to say, this has created a lot of tension with the couple.

Janelle Brown is going to forge her own path

Kody Brown would have loved to forbid Janelle from buying the RV. But as he noted this season, Janelle always does what she wants anyway. After putting up with decades of marriage to Kody, Janelle has decided to put her own happiness first. She’s already said this season she will always choose her kids and her dogs before Kody. Is she about to walk out the door too?

The newest episode of Sister Wives Season 17 will be out this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in and see what’s going on in the Brown household next.


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  1. Kody self absorbed twit. Robyn their for her mix match children and money. She wants the other wives to stay to shield here from Kody and his temper. Christine and Janelle smart women with a future. Not a clingy vine. Merri is staying out of commitment of religion and original wife. She is not there just present. Smart lady too. Men want women like Robyn whom is a human robot and loves Victoria Secrets. A very dumb way to spend thousands of dollars to lure pigs to sty kind of mentality. A woman is more than her body. Robyn has no physical spirit either just the I see money and security I will put up with any abuse and try to keep quiet. Like I say clingy vine climbing up his leg and smiling.

    1. I completely agree! Robyn and Kody are egotistical, self center, thinks they do wrong narcissists. I’m so excited for Christine and I hope Janelle go to. Meri has been told to go and mover into the B&B, and find another man, a bigger and better one who’s going to love you like you deserve. Kody gave up on his kids(except for Robyn’s) a while ago. GO CHRISTINE!! I hope you now have a happy and fulfilling life, you deserve it and so much more!

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