Fans Suggest TLC Drastic ‘Sister Wives’ Name Change

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Sister Wives fans are petitioning TLC to consider changing the name of the show. Fans are arguing the show no longer has anything to do with a family living a plural lifestyle. They are now watching a man who is in a monogamous relationship that just happens to have three baby mamas and a lot of children. Does TLC need to change the name of the show? Is there a new name fans think would be more fitting?

Sister Wives fans petition TLC to change the name of the show

On Reddit, fans petition TLC to consider changing the name of the show. Fans note that Kody Brown is no longer a man with multiple wives. He has morphed into a man with one wife and three baby mommas. If anything, the show has become a show of Kody and Robyn learning how to live off the hard work of his baby mommas. Here’s what Sister Wives fans had to say in the petition for a name change:

  • “dear TLC: stop calling the show ‘sister wives’ & call it what it is…’Kody & Robyn live off the baby mamas'”
  • “I would love a Christine spin-off, she’s so fun and interesting. I’d also like to hear more from the kids someday!”
  • Sister Wives - early photo of Kody Brown and three wives - YouTubeTLC

One fan noted they were “over” the show at this point because the entire purpose of the show was to show the world how a plural family works. The show has reached a point where it is showing that a plural family doesn’t work because one man cannot give love and attention to several wives and entirely too many children.

Moreover, some fans who believe a plural marriage can still work argue Sister Wives has reached a point of giving a bad name to other families in the community who are able to make their relationships work.

Overall, fans don’t think polygamy is out of the question. Fans just think Kody Brown was never really a polygamist. They believe he seized an opportunity to make money and become famous. Likewise, fans think Kody considered his multiple wives to be nothing more than trophies for him to enjoy.

Kody And Robyn Brown YouTube

Do you agree that Sister Wives is no longer appropriately named? Will Kody Brown pursue getting any new views as he continues to lose what he has? Share your answers down below and come back for more Sister Wives news.

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