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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares Exciting News About Filming

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Sister Wives fans have a lot of questions regarding whether Season 18 will happen, what it will look like, and if Christine Brown will continue to be a part of the TLC series. Many fans of Sister Wives remain hopeful for a spin-off focused on Christine’s life after she left Kody and renounced polygamy. Last night, Christine spilled the beans on the future of the show via Instagram. Fans of the TLC series couldn’t be more excited.

Christine Brown reveals she’s filming in Utah

Kody Brown’s ex-wife was all smiles as she revealed she was filming in Utah. The hashtags attached to her Instagram update suggested that she was actually filming for Sister Wives and not her cooking show.

She penned: “I’m finally filming in my house in Salt Lake!! So excited! #sisterwives #filming #newbeginnings.”

Her post revealed this was the first time Sister Wives filming took place at her new home in Salt Lake.

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Sister Wives fans react to the exciting news

Fans were thrilled to learn TLC was still filming episodes of Sister Wives. Likewise, fans loved learning this meant TLC was trying to cut back on the giant gap between reality and the show. Fans often trolled Sister Wives for being so far behind where the family was in their lives. Some fans admit they secretly hoped this was a sign a spin-off focused on just Christine was in the works. Here’s what some of her followers had to say about this post:

  • “Can’t wait for TLC to make a Christine and Janell spin off show!”
  • “When I tell you I am so proud of this woman! I feel like she is showing women, hey you can start over and you don’t have to be unhappy for someone else to be happy.”
  • “I was so hoping TLC would follow your life. I’m so happy for you Christine.”
  • “The poise you have shown during those difficult conversations we are currently watching on TV is amazing! So happy for you and wish you nothing but happiness.”

Learning Christine was filming from the comfort of her own home gave Sister Wives fans a lot of joy. Here’s what she posted on Instagram about it:


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Are you excited to learn Christine Brown is currently filming for a new season of Sister Wives? Do you like knowing she’s filming from Utah and not Flagstaff? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Love it. Can’t wait. Hope kody is left out of these shows. Great to see Christine and Janelle move on. Why should they stay in a loveless situation? just to financially support Kody and Robin. I will be watching for sure. Love these to strong women. Just show how they can move on and be successful. Give other women nerve, who are afraid to move out, to do so.

  2. I am so happy for them, they shouldn’t have to support Sobyn, she has already taken more than she deserves

  3. So proud of Christine for moving on and getting her life together and filming from her new home In Utah just as proud of Janelle for taking her life back way to go ladies Robin and Kody both deserve each other and what is coming there way Robin is the one who has ruined the family.

  4. Kody & Sobin look so miserable the act they put on as there feelings are hurt that no one can Understand Kody & Sobin’s ways of obeying in a marriage and How the wife’s don’t understand he needs to be with Sobin and small kids
    my fingers are crosses that next week he tells Meri and Janelle it’s over and all he wants is all at home
    funny – has Kody thought outside of the box does he even think back to how it once was or try and figure out how to fix it !! He knows he dam sure knows what’s going on Cause him and Sobin created this chapter after chapter they brought nothing good to the table only misery !!!!!! well I hope im right thinking that he’s going to annie up and send these other 2 ladies on there way the best gift ever he could give them Freedom. It’s going to blow up for Robin as well if she thinks he won’t let her go as well Then she’s brainless A man will do another woman shitty, without, have no cares just like he done the one before He’s going to end up Hating Robin and Blamimg her for it all it’s a sick syco she better stop crying and start planning

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