‘DWTS’: Witney Carson Opens Up About Her Latest Pregnancy

Wayne Brady and Witney Carson from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars pro Witney Carson delighted audience members this week when she publically announced her second pregnancy onscreen. She and her partner Wayne Brady had the first performance of the night. After performing, the 29-year-old dancer made her special announcement to the world.

Now that the information is public, Witney is taking time to open up about details. Keep reading to see what she had to say.

Witney Carson has a lot to be excited about right now

Witney Carson and Wayne Brady are headed to the Season 31 finale. However, that’s not the only thing the dancer was excited about this week. She was so excited to publically announce her pregnancy to the entire world.

“It felt amazing!” Witney told ET after the semifinals episode ended. “I mean, I grew up on this show, I started when I was 18. So the fact that, you know, I got married [while] on this show, I’ve announced that I’m having a kid on the show, it’s just like a full circle moment!”

Before joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars, Witney Carson previously competed on So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 where she placed in the top six. Since then, she’s had an incredibly successful career as a pro dancer. During DWTS Season 19, Witney teamed up with Alfonso Ribeiro to bring home the Mirrorball Trophy.

The dancer is excited to experience pregnancy with her best friends

Although dance is a major part of Witney Carson’s life, she also loves having a family. She went on to marry Carson McAllister. They already have one son together, Leo. He will be two years old in January.

Witney Carson and Carson McAllister from Instagram
Witney Carson & Carson McAllister/Instagram

Expecting a new bundle of joy is always exciting, but Witney is in great company. Her best friends Lindsay Arnold and Jenna Johnson are also expecting little ones. Jenna is due in January while Witney and Lindsay are both due in May.

“[Lindsay] actually called me to tell me that she was pregnant! And I was like, ‘Oh, I actually was looking to tell you too!’ And we were laughing literally for five minutes straight,” Witney told ET. “So I think its just gonna be a really fun little childhood for our kids together.”

Lindsay is expecting a baby girl while Jenna is having a boy. Witney hasn’t given any details about her second child’s gender yet.

This is Jenna Johnson’s first pregnancy, but Lindsay and Witney both went through their first pregnancies together too. The women sat out Dancing With The Stars Season 29 since they were so heavily pregnant during the season.

Stick around for more updates on Witney Carson and the rest of the Dancing With The Stars cast! There will be plenty of news to share and the finale is just around the corner!

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