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Shocking Proof Robyn Brown Still Has Nanny & Controls It All?

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Sister Wives fans noticed a gem in the background of an episode of the TLC series that confirmed just how controlling Robyn Brown really is. For years now, fans have been convinced Robyn Brown is the puppet master of the family. Fans firmly believe she’s the “head wife” that Kody Brown likes to swear up and down doesn’t exist. This gem eagle-eyed fans spotted in the background of an episode of the show only further supports these theories.

Robyn Brown ripped as a controlling monster by fans

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a note on the fridge in Robyn’s house. The note urged anyone in the house to check with Robyn or Mindy (the nanny) before helping themselves to anything inside the fridge. According to fans, Kody once explained that Robyn was pretty particular with buying and saving when it came to groceries. So, that is why she was a bit controlling about the contents of the fridge. Some fans wondered if the note was actually there because of the production crew in the house.

Christine Brown - Robyn Youtube

Many fans admitted the note just made them sad because Christine’s kitchen was always open for any of the children. It, however, did not appear as if the same was true when it came to Robyn’s kitchen. Did this controlling nature include her children or just the children Kody had with his other wives?

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Savanah, Hunter, Christine, Gabe, Garrison


Meri Brown has found the key

As TvShowsAce previously reported, fans believe Meri Brown has found the key to being happy in her “marriage” with Kody. She’s realized that Robyn Brown is his favorite wife. And, the only way to win Kody’s heart is to kiss Robyn’s toes. So, fans believe this is the reason why Meri has become Robyn’s best friend. Moreover, fans believe this is why Meri has rushed to comfort Robyn time and time again. From fans’ point of view, Meri is snuggling up to Robyn as much as possible to look good to Kody.

Robyn Brown and Kody Brown looking at each other during interview for 'Sister Wives' - YouTube/TLC


There are, however, some fans who also think Meri Brown could have a romantic interest in Robyn. Perhaps what Meri wants is a thrupple with Kody and Robyn?

Did you notice the note hiding in the background of an episode of Sister Wives? Does it surprise you that Robyn Brown would control food in a family of so many people? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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