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Meri Brown Discovered The Key To Kody’s Good Side

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Being the first wife in the Brown family, one would think Meri Brown has seen it all and would be the wisest of all the sister wives. However, it seems she is far from it. Despite Kody Brown’s constant rejection of her, she still craves his attention. While Christine finally chose to leave, Meri conveyed that her strength is in staying back and trying to revive her relationship. And fans think the 51-year-old is doing her best to get on Kody’s good side. Keep reading to know what Sister Wives fans have to say!

Meri Brown Justifies Kody’s Outburst At Christine

In the latest Sister Wives episode, Kody was seen lashing out at Christine in an explosive scene, while Meri justified his outburst in her confessional. During the conversation, she was also seen all delighted after Kody acknowledged that she wished to say something to Christine but couldn’t. Although she did deny it, she seemed happy.

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Moreover, throughout the episode, she was seen supporting Kody’s favorite wife, Robyn, to get on his good side. However, Kody seemed unfazed and just as unaware of Meri despite her efforts.

Kody Brown Twists Christine’s Words For His Benefit

Discussing the latest episode and Meri’s failure to show empathy to Christine, fans took to the Reddit forum. The OP described how Kody dragged Christine down by twisting her words stating that she just wanted the husband and not the family. Christine has always stated that she wanted the family and not just the husband. However, this didn’t mean that she didn’t want anything to do with Kody. They note that yes, the family was her first priority, but some love and acceptance from Kody were all she needed.

The Redditor also explained how Christine was always about the big picture.

“She helped create the big picture with all the kids she birthed and the bonus ones she raised. Even when he fed her crumbs, she accepted the crumbs and stayed around for ‘the big picture.’ The kids are all grown now except Truely and Robyn’s little kids. Christine stuck it out and saw all her kids through till the end. She probably couldn’t wait till Truely was an adult. So, she finally left. I don’t blame her for a second,” they clarified.

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Meri Brown Isn’t Empathetic Towards Christine

Talking about how Meri is trying to please Kody, the OP points out that Christine showed Meri a lot of empathy when she was denied love by Kody after the catfish incident. They wrote, “Meri learned that if she’s a simp for Robyn, she gets on Kody’s good side. So, she fully went all in with Robyn and being her little flying monkey.”

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Some fans also feel that Meri is happy that Kody is angry at Christine for leaving the family. For once, it seems she isn’t on the hot seat for her notorious emotional affair and thinks of herself better than Christine.

Do you think Meri has cracked the mantra of winning over Kody’s love? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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