Kody Brown Puts Foot Down, Tells Favorite Wife Robyn ‘NO!’

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As his favorite wife, Sister Wives fans believe Kody Brown allows his wife Robyn to do whatever she pleases. In fact, some fans believe Robyn Brown is the real puppet master at the top of the family tree. There have been more than a few Godfather and Mob boss themed memes floating around social media suggesting Robyn Brown was really the one in charge of the family. With this information in mind, fans were a bit shocked to see Kody Brown put his foot down and tell Robyn no during the Season 17 Premiere of Sister Wives.

What was it that Kody Brown said “no” about? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: Sister Wives Season 17 spoilers ahead. 

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Kody Brown puts down foot, tells Robyn no

The TLC patriarch explained his decision to go to Robyn’s house so he could get her advice on how to handle the situation with Christine. According to Kody, Robyn is a relationship whisper. He added that she just knows how to make things work. So, he wanted her opinion on how to deal with the situation. To Kody’s surprise, Robyn did NOT give him the advice he wanted on how to deal with the situation.

Sister Wives - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Youtube
Sister Wives – Robyn Brown – Kody Brown – Youtube

Robyn Brown tells Kody he needs to take himself back to Christine’s house and fix the situation. She believed he should sleep on the couch, in the yard, in his car, or even on the floor if it meant showing Christine that she mattered. Robyn thought it was “bullcrap” that Kody refused to say and fix the situation simply because polygamy made it easy for him to run away.

According to Kody Brown, riding the couch was NOT something he had to do because he wasn’t monogamous. And, he would not be sleeping on the couch of any of his wives’ houses because he always had somewhere else to go.

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While some Sister Wives fans are surprised he told Robyn “no.” Others suspect he really only wanted Robyn to agree with how he wanted to handle the situation. So, he became frustrated when she seemingly took Christine’s side.

Did it surprise you to see Kody Brown put his foot down and tell Robyn “no” after asking for her advice? Do you think Robyn is used to hearing Kody tell her “no?” Express your thoughts on this discussion between Robyn and Kody in the comments down below. And, return to TvShowsAce for the latest on Sister Wives.

Allie Johnson


  1. Kody is a blow heart. I can’t believe anyone would want to marry him. He thinks he’s God and every woman should do what he says or else. Everyone knows Robyn is the only one he will have sex with and Meri, Janell, and Christine he’s not attracted to anymore. He has the ego .you do what he says or he’ll throw a shouting fit. POOR Kody no one understands him. Not only is he ugly with that mess of his hair but comes across as a complete a—hole. It’s we’re going greet until HE alone plans a move to Flagstaff. Now that some of his boys talks back to him. He even said he didn’t care what happens to his children once they are 18. I’ve watched this show since the beginning and he has only gotten a bigger head.

  2. He is an arrogant ass who treats his wives as mindless twits. He is selfish and a terrible parent and husband. These women deserve better. Mary needs to give up and move on he has no intentions of getting back with you. Christine and Janelle are the only two with a pair of balls to dump him.

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