‘SW:’ Robyn Brown Says Living With Kody Is Uncomfortable

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Coined as Kody Brown’s favorite wife, Sister Wives fans are convinced Robyn is trying to edge out Janelle and Meri so she can have her husband all to herself. Robyn, however, insists she wants polygamy and sister wives. In fact, Robyn very boldly admitted she could have done much better than Kody if she wanted to be in a monogamous relationship.

Going against what fans assume of Robyn Brown, the TLC personality expresses being gutted about what’s unfolding between Christine and Kody. In fact, Robyn implied during the Season 17 Premiere that living with Kody Brown is far from easy. And, he was even more difficult to live with during COVID-19.

Warning: Sister Wives Season 17 Spoilers ahead. Do not read this article if you haven’t watched the Season 17 Premiere yet. 

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Robyn Brown says living with Kody is uncomfortable

Robyn Brown can’t help but wonder if Kody and Christine would have split up if COVID-19 hadn’t happened. According to the TLC personality, Kody Brown became extremely difficult to deal with when the pandemic hit. She described living with Kody Brown as “uncomfortable.” Sister Wives fans admit they were a bit shocked to hear this from Robyn of all people as they thought she really just wanted to keep Kody all to herself.

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Kody Brown leaned on Robyn for support on how to deal with Christine. He, however, didn’t like the advice she gave him and ended up not listening to her. Robyn believed Kody needed to go back to Christine’s house and sleep wherever she would let him sleep and find a way to make it work. Kody, however, thought it was a “walk of shame” to live on the couch. And, it was a game he refused to play with Christine or any of his other wives. According to Kody, Christine was far from the first wife to kick him out. Turns out, it was something all four wives had tried to do more than a few times.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Christine Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Robyn Brown – Christine Brown – Youtube

Does it surprise you that Robyn Brown describes living with Kody as uncomfortable? Do you think she actually feels that way or was that just something scripted she said for the show? Let us know what you think about the Season 17 Premiere in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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