‘Sister Wives:’ Did Robyn Brown Squeeze Christine Out?

Sister Wives from TLC

Sister Wives fans are eagerly looking forward to the Season 17 premiere. On September 11, TLC will reveal the season that everyone’s been waiting for.

Fans already know that the season is going to center around Kody and Christine’s fallout and the aftermath of her departure. But right now, there are a lot of questions left unanswered. For example, did Robyn play a role in Christine leaving the family?

Keep reading to see what fans online have to say.

Sister Wives fans think Robyn wanted Christine gone

In the Sister Wives Season 16 tell-all, Robyn Brown was quite distraught when she talked about Christine leaving the family. She teared up and dabbed at her eyes in true Robyn fashion and said that she believed Christine and Kody were still spiritually married through the church. However, fans can’t help but wonder if Robyn actually helped push Christine out.

Christine Brown from TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

Sister Wives fans that caught Season 16 realized that Christine really reached her breaking point when the family didn’t want to go back to Utah. But one Redditor recently pointed out that Kody might have been more open to Christine’s request if it weren’t for Robyn.

“Kody so clearly scared of Robyn… he would have moved to Utah when Christine wanted to… Robyn is the reason they didn’t…” the user pointed out.

Many other Redditors echoed similar sentiments and argued that Kody doesn’t make any moves at all without consulting Robyn first. And this is definitely been a touchy point for the family patriarch on the show.

Robyn and Kody Brown/YouTube
Sister Wives/TLC

Kody frequently claims that he doesn’t answer to any of his wives, but Sister Wives viewers tend to disagree. To many fans, it’s apparent that Robyn’s desires always seem to come true. In many fans’ eyes, she’s manipulative and ultimately the true villain of the show.

Robyn tries to secure her place as the favorite wife

Since Sister Wives has been on the air for so long, fans have had time to study the Brown family members and figure out how the dynamics work. And that’s exactly why some fans think that Robyn truly enjoys being the favorite wife, no matter what she says onscreen.

Onscreen, Robyn seems to believe that she’s a victim and an easy target for her family’s anger. But fans think she just has the ability to prey on the emotions of others. If this is true, it’s not at all difficult to believe that she wants to be Kody’s favorite wife — and quite possibly his only wife. Christine is out of the picture — is it possible that Robyn will go after Janelle or Meri next?

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