Robyn Brown: The Real Controlling Villain Of The Family?

Robyn brown from TLC

Ask any Sister Wives fan — Robyn Brown isn’t the most popular cast member on the show. Some viewers moderately tolerate her while others believe she’s the show’s major villain.

So why do a few fans think she’s the villain? Reddit recently took a deep dive here. See what the internet discovered.

Robyn Brown likes to keep a close eye on her man

Sister Wives fans tend to dislike Robyn Brown for a wide variety of reasons. But for many viewers, it stems from the storyline where Kody legally divorced Meri to marry Robyn and adopt her kids instead. They believed that this was really the turning point when Robyn started to show her true colors.

But is “controlling villain” an accurate moniker?

Robyn Brown/TLC

One Reddit user posted a screenshot from the series. Robyn is holding a glass of milk and says, “Usually I don’t let him out of my sight.” It’s obvious she’s referring to Kody here.

Many Sister Wives fans can agree that Robyn does try her best to take up Kody’s time and attention. No matter what the other wives want, it always seems to go back to Robyn’s desires and needs.

“This moment is fascinating and if anyone else listens to Surviving Sister Wives pod, Corey and Carly mention that this is the ‘real Robyn’ and that she basically broke character,” one Redditor said. “I agree completely. It’s a little disturbing haha.”

Would you say that Robyn Brown is controlling and the show’s true villain? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and share your ideas with everyone else.

Fans online slam the TLC star for her aloof attitude

As stated above, many Sister Wives fans just really hate the way Robyn acted during Kody and Meri’s legal divorce. Meri made a pretty big sacrifice by allowing Robyn to take her spot as the legal wife. And at the end of the day, Robyn didn’t really seem to care about the gravity of the situation.

Robyn Brown from TLC
Sister Wives/TLC

“Robyn is sooooo heartless to Meri during the whole divorce thing!” a Redditor wrote in a recent thread. “All Meri has over the other wives is being the ‘legal’ wife. She does this very selfless thing for Robyn and her kids, and Robyn is so condescending and b*tchy to Meri for being emotional about it.”

What do you think about Robyn’s attitude during this storyline? Do you agree with fans? No matter what you believe, share your ideas in the comments below.

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