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Kody Brown’s Youngest Inherited His Bad Traits, Here’s Why

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Sister Wives fans are in agreement that Kody Brown has no business raising a child and fear the monster Ariella will turn into when she’s older under his supervision. It was what he did and didn’t do during a recent episode of the show that really sent fans into a frenzy about his parenting.

Is Kody Brown raising Ariella to be a monster?

Sister Wives fans were horrified that Robyn and Kody Brown didn’t sit Ariella down and talk to her after learning of her first day of school. Fans learned that Ariella was extremely pushy and followed another child around the entire day. From Kody’s point of view, he believed his daughter was just trying to be this other child’s friend. Fans, however, argued it was clear Ariella had no idea what personal space was.

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One fan questioned in response to the interaction: “Wouldn’t you explain to the child that if someone doesn’t want you to follow them you should stop? Remind her that she wouldn’t like it if someone did that to her? Maybe give her some tips like go ask a child if they want to play with you, if they say yes, then you spend time with them. No expert here but this seemed strange to me. What would y’all have done?”

Another Sister Wives fan thought it was bizarre that Kody Brown believed his daughter was being a good person and doing the right thing in the situation that was described by the teacher. Other fans pointed out that a teacher would only reach out to a parent on the first day of school if there was a problem that needed to be fixed. Sister Wives fans agreed the teacher sent the email hoping Ariella’s parents would discuss personal boundaries with her.

A different Sister Wives fan offered advice on how the situation should have been handled: “I’m sure you were just trying to help, but sometimes people want to be left alone when they’re sad or mad, so if someone asks you to leave them alone, you should respect that.”

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Overall, fans were pretty disgusted by Kody and Robyn handled the situation.

Do you think Kody Brown should be a hands-off parent? Is he going to ruin Ariella by teaching her to be just like him? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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