‘GMA’ TJ Holmes Defies Mental Health, Pushes Physical Limits

TJ Holmes Goes Running [TJ Holmes | Instagram]

TJ Holmes defied his mental health as he pushed his physical limits. The Good Morning America co-host took part in the New York City Marathon last week. He overcame his mental and physical health as he celebrated his latest achievement. Read on to learn more about TJ’s inspiring story.

TJ Holmes ran the NYC Marathon

Earlier this month, TJ Holmes took part in the New York City marathon. While TJ made it look easy, it was far from it. The GMA co-anchor admitted that he had to overcome his “anxiety and injury” to make it happen. He took to Instagram to share his experience in the marathon.

Last week, the journalist posted several professional shots from his NYC marathon. The photos show TJ Holmes smiling as he runs in a cobalt blue tank top, black shorts, and black leggings. He points to people and waves as he runs through the streets. In his lengthy post, TJ shared that he had no interest in running the marathon before.

TJ Holmes Runs In NYC [TJ Holmes | Instagram]
[TJ Holmes | Instagram]
“One of the ABSOLUTE best and most incredible days of my life. Still can’t believe it: I ran the friggin’ #NYCMarathon,” TJ Holmes wrote in his Instagram post. “It was something that for years I openly and forcefully declared that I would NEVER do. Never say never, huh?”

He overcame all odds. The newscaster defied his mind and his body. TJ ended up falling more in love with the city of New York when he ran the marathon. He’s even ready for next year’s marathon.

“And I’ve never been more in love with NYC than I was Sunday as it gave runners a 26.2-miles embrace,” TJ Holmes continued. “And get this, I turned to Robach at the 10-mile mark and said: ‘I’m f***ing doing this again next year!”


TJ Holmes Running Selfie [TJ Holmes | Instagram]
[TJ Holmes | Instagram]
Check out the professional shots of the former MSNBC News anchor in the NYC Marathon here.

GMA fans took to the comment section to offer congrats and support. Most of them were proud of TJ Holmes for hitting this milestone in his life. Others applauded him for running in the marathon. They shared massive words of encouragement.

GMA anchor defied “anxiety and injury”

This comes after TJ Holmes previously revealed that he struggled with “anxiety and injury” leading up to the NYC marathon. These are the two factors that held him up from almost participating. Just days before, he shared a selfie on Instagram as he shared his concerns about his mind and body.

“This is not a look of determination. It’s one of concern. This was my last run before the #nycmarathon,” TJ Holmes wrote in his Instagram post. “I have an IT band issue on my left leg. Concerned to the point that it’s giving me anxiety. At this point, it’s about pain management. But I’m ABSOLUTELY EXCITED about the #nycmarathon!”

Per ClevelandClinic.org, an IT band occurs when the tissue rubs against the thigh. It can be very painful, especially during exercise or running. What do you think of TJ Holmes defying his mental health and pushing his physical limits? Do you find his story inspiring? Sound off below in the comment section.

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