‘GMA’: Things Get Awkward Between TJ Holmes & Jenny Mollen

TJ Holmes [GMA | YouTube]

TJ Holmes made things awkward with guest Jenny Mollen. On the latest broadcast of Good Morning America, he asked her to stop repeating a certain word on live television.

It made him so uncomfortable that he put his hand to his chest in a dramatic fashion. He admitted that he felt weird every time she used the word.

This made for an awkward interaction between the two. The incident took place during a segment with the actress and author. Jenny appeared on Monday’s broadcast of GMA to promote her new cookbook. Read on to see what word triggered the host.

TJ Holmes [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]

TJ Holmes triggered by this word

TJ Holmes didn’t like it whenever Jenny used the word “dictator.” It gave him a funny feeling inside. The expressive talk show host reacted every time she called her kids “dictators.” She even called her new book Dictator Lunches, which is packed with recipes for picky eaters like children. So, it makes sense that she would use the word during the segment.

However, it made TJ Holmes uncomfortable. He continued with the interview and asked how she explains the title of her book. Jenny shares two children who are four and eight years old with her husband Jason Biggs. She admitted that the book was inspired by them.

“Well, my children are dictators. At four years old, my son said to me, ‘Mommy, is it ok if you call me king?'” Jenny explained. “So yeah, we’re living in a dictatorship, Jason and I.”

She joked that it’s not easy to feed them. Jenny compared it to war. So, she wanted to name the book Dictator Lunches. The celebrity explained that her kids are picky eaters. Yet, TJ wasn’t feeling it and wanted her to stop using the word.

“Can we stop calling kids dictators? I feel so weird calling them that,” TJ Holmes asked. “They’re just little bitty…”

“Don’t you talk about your kids behind their backs?” Jenny joked. “Come on. Get on board with me.”

The talk show host admitted that he does. Jenny did stop saying the word until the end of the segment.

Seasoned GMA host

TJ Holmes has been on Good Morning America since 2014. He often fills in when the other hosts are out. Fans have been getting sick of seeing the switch up between the hosts. They don’t understand why they take so much time away from the show.

Before hosting GMA, TJ Holmes worked on CBS News affiliate KTHV as an assignment reporter. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to weekend anchor. TJ has also appeared on CNN. Over his 19-year career as a journalist, he’s received awards and covered many stories.

TJ Holmes [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
What are your thoughts on TJ Holmes’ reaction to the word dictator? Do you think it’s okay to call kids that word? Or, do you think it’s mean? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. It certainly is not his job to tell a guest to stop using a word- esp: if it is in the title of the book they are high lighting! He is the most obnoxious person on tv! – he is so arrogant – the way he sits back in his chair-like he can’t be bothered with whoever is there & owns the show – time for a change!

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