‘GMA’ TJ Holmes Shares Clever BTS Fashion Secret

TJ Holmes [Good Morning America | Instagram]

TJ Holmes shared his clever behind-the-scenes fashion secret. He also proceeded to get thirsty comments. The Good Morning America co-anchor was feeling himself when he got several remarks about how “handsome” he is. The 45-year-old took fans behind the scenes last week. He shared several photos and videos from his time on the morning show.

TJ had a clever plan. He wanted to conduct an “experiment” where he wore the same suit in a row. However, TJ planned to style it differently each time. He wanted to know if anyone would notice that he was in the same suit. Read on to learn more about the his findings of his experiment and what fans had to say about it.

TJ Holmes At Big Desk [Good Morning America | Instagram]
[Good Morning America | Instagram]

TJ Holmes shows off his daily looks

A week ago, TJ Holmes took to his Instagram feed to share several photos of himself rocking the same suit. However, he wore it in different styles. The GMA co-host let fans in on his fashion secret. He admitted that he was inspired by veteran journalist George Stephanopoulos who was always impressed with TJ’s suit wardrobe.

He posted five photos that showed different takes on the same outfit. TJ accessorized it with various vests, ties, and shirts. He looked sharp behind the big desk. TJ showed off his impeccable style and taste with each look.

“One week. 5 days of anchoring. Same suit,” TJ Holmes wrote in the caption of his Instagram post. “A little experiment inspired by George Stephanopoulos who is always complimentary of, yet perplexed by my suit repertoire. (‘Why do you need that many suits?’) And to his point, sure enough… nobody even noticed I wore the same suit everyday!”

TJ Holmes In The Same Suit [Good Morning America | Instagram]
[Good Morning America | Instagram]
Fans took to the comment section to rave over his “handsome” looks. They assured TJ that he could pull off any look. Some even admitted that the reason why nobody noticed is that he was so good-looking. TJ couldn’t help but notice the overwhelming amount of thirsty comments he got over this Instagram post.

GMA co-host responds to thirsty comments

One fan wrote: “You’re beautiful that’s why no one noticed, you could wear a trash bag and pull it off LOL.” Another fan agreed: “So handsome. Gives me a reason to watch the news.” TJ Holmes gave fans inspiration to wake up early and watch the news every day on Good Morning America. He also had a good response to that particular comment.

“Hopefully, there are OTHER reasons too,” TJ Holmes responded to the previous fan. “But, hey, we’ll take your viewership however we can get it.”

TJ Holmes & Ed Sheeran [Good Morning America | Instagram]
[Good Morning America | Instagram]
Last month, fans couldn’t stop raving about how “smooth” and “cool” TJ looked while dancing on the set. He couldn’t help himself when Ed Sheeran performed on the show. He even posted a clip of his dance on Instagram, to which the fans gushed over him.

What are your thoughts on TJ Holmes wearing the same suit daily? Is he the reason why you tune into the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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