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‘GMA’ Host Makes Shocking Return, Why Was He Gone?


Good Morning America’s beloved host, TJ Holmes, had been missing from the show for quite some time. However, the 45-year-old delighted his fans after he returned to the news show. He also explained the reason for his absence from the show. On Tuesday, the anchor posted on Instagram revealing that he took some time away from the screen vacationing.

GMA’s TJ Holmes Confirms He Was Away On A Vacation

The renowned journalist shared an imaged from behind his GMA desk and captioned the post, “Good to be back.” He further added, “And still look a little island drunk in this snap. (Disclaimer: I am not still island drunk in this snap.) #vaca.”

TJ Holmes YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Fans quickly chimed in at the GMA anchor’s return to the show as one commented, “Glad to see you back!”

“You were missed! Welcome back!” chimed in another.

A third fan commented, “So great to hear your voice this morning.”


TJ Holmes Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

A fourth fan picked on the pink scrunchie on the anchor’s wrist, which might be her daughter’s, as they commented, “The pink scrunchie. #Dadsdohairtoo.”

“Hi, we miss you, sir. You lost weight again,” added the fifth fan.

Good Morning America Welcomes A Fresh Face

However, it isn’t just TJ who has been missing from the show. Other GMA hosts, Michael Strahan and George Stephanopoulos had also been M.I.A. from the program for quite some time. As per The Sun, the two have been away from the show periodically in the past few months. Strahan was away from GMA due to his filming schedules for $100,000 Pyramid and other projects.

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[Source: YouTube]

Good Morning America also recently announced the hiring of a new face for its anchor position. The new anchor is Mona Kosar Abdi, who is also a co-anchor at ABC’s World News Now and America This Morning. On Monday, the news anchor revealed her latest career move. This new career move was a switch to another ABC program as Good Morning America’s co-host, along with other opportunities at the network.

Did Rob Marciano Quit From His Position As A GMA Meteorologist?

The news of this new anchor joining GMA comes amid rumors that meteorologist Rob Marciano has quit the show. He hasn’t been on the show for several months and has even taken on several new TV gigs while co-parenting his children. Rob has been a staple on ABC’s show as he reported the weather on the weekend and fans absolutely loved him.

Fans even wondered and worried about his absence from the show as one tweeted, “Dear @GMA, my wife is growing concerned over the whereabouts of @RobMarciano. A simple like of this tweet will let us know he is okay. Thanks.”

Another fan asked, “GMA Saturday, where is Rob Marciano? Please bring him & his professionalism back to the show.”

“@RobMarciano, are you coming back to GMA weekend? And daytime? Everyone has been asking. You could at least answer,” enquired the third fan.

Do you love that TJ Holmes is now back to GMA after his vacation? And, do you wish for Rob Marciano to return to Good Morning America? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I’d like to see TJ Holmes replace Michael Strahan, personally. TJ has a better personality and projects himself better.

  2. I have respect for them all but TJ is a bit silly and makes too much laughter at the wrong time. Michael is more of a gentleman. Thanks for the opportunity to express my opinion! Oh

  3. Oh no Micheal Stratham is my BFF.I can’t survive without all of my GMA crew I truly adore everyone on both shows.

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