Kody Brown’s Family Was Never Fairly Plural & Here’s Why

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Sister Wives fans wonder if Kody Brown’s family is plural in a true sense. The TLC show started off as a beautiful story of a polygamist family. However, with time, fans feel like Kody’s dedication to polygamy is a sham just for the camera. Over the years, his interest and favoritism in one of his wives have been pretty evident. So, did he fake polygamy for the camera? Is Robyn his one true love? Keep reading to find out what fans think!

Is Kody Brown Entitled To 50% Of All His Wives’ Properties?

A truly plural family believes in equality but it seems like Kody thinks he should have control over everything. Apart from the apparent fragile masculinity, he has even shown his dominance via the family’s finances and assets.

Talking about the unequal division of the Brown family properties, fans took to the Reddit forum as the OG detailed the inequality.

Kody Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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They wrote, “Why does Kody own everything 50%”

“So each wife is entitled to 50% of the assets they live in or use and Kody the other 50%. How does that math work? Shouldn’t they own everything divided equally among the 5? Or the 4…. Even if it’s not possible to have it in writing,” the OP added.

Why Does Meri Brown Keep Her Assets Separate?

The Redditor also talked about Meri’s home and now it is never brought up during any conversation. They wrote, “I am assuming that is because she was the first to get LulaRich and her marriage to Kody was nonexistent so she was able to separate her finances when they moved to Flagstaff.”

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Fans feel that Meri has been smart about keeping her finances and assets separate from the rest of the family. Some even speculate that this issue might be a core cause that led to the relationship issues between her and Kody.

Agreeing with the OP, another Reddit user explained how Kody thinks that his efforts must be given back with insane interest.

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“Guaranteed he is reading redpilled forums for monogamous divorces and applying that to his polygamous lifestyle,” they explained.

They also stated how Kody is so repulsive of Meri Brown that he doesn’t want to be with her even for money.

Does Kody Brown Have Any Right Over Meri’s B&B?

While all of Kody’s wives share their assets with him, they do so because they used the family money to build their business or property. However, Meri rents her house in Flagstaff and used her own money to get the B&B up and running. So, technically, Kody really doesn’t have any rights on her property.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“Yes, if they’re a true plural family wouldn’t everything be split by the 5? Or does the family culture only apply to kids and the husband? Kody obviously thinks his family finances should be multiplies not divided!” wrote another.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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Do you think Kody is reasonable in having a 50% share in all his wives’ properties? What do you think is the right way to split the properties? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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