Meri Brown Reveals New Manager Of Her B&B After Mom’s Death

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Meri Brown has a new manager for her B&B. In March 2021, Meri’s mother, Bonnie sadly passed away. This was seen in an episode of Sister Wives. As it turned out, Bonnie had been living at and running Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. After she died, Meri was devastated and unsure as to what was next. Fortunately, a great friend jumped in and took over the reins. So, who is it? Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Has New B&B Manager

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Meri was sitting at her B&B with a female. They are joking and talking and she introduces her as her best friend, Jenn. As it turns out, the two ladies met when the Browns lived in Las Vegas. Jenn was right there and has been a shoulder for Meri throughout everything. Furthermore, she knows about all of the familial struggles that they have all been through. Then, her family came to visit the inn and they loved it.

Meri and Jenn/IG
Jenn, Meri

Jenn was then there, right by Meri’s side when Bonnie passed away. She and her children just adored Parowan so they decided to move there. Now, Jenn is running the B&B though Meri does admit she frequently takes trips from Flagstaff to Utah to check in on things. They seem to have an amazing bond and Meri admits it is something she once had with her sister wives. There is no mention of what has happened to Jenn’s husband but she seems happy to be there.

Just Live At The B&B

A few episodes back, Kody had suggested that Meri Brown go to live at her inn. It was right after Bonnie had passed away and she had no idea what she was going to do. There was a point during the pandemic when Meri’s child, Leon, and their partner, Audrey had replaced Bonnie in Parowan. Bonnie then came to live with Meri at her home in Flagstaff for the time being in order to keep her safe. She then returned to the inn to run it while she lived there but sadly passed.

Meri and Jenn/IG

Meri was so lost and devastated that the last thing she needed was for Kody to further discard her. Luckily, she has a great friend in Jenn who brings so much light to her life. She also took over the stress of the B&B for her so that has been an even bigger benefit. In real-time, as this show was filmed last year, Meri is still running back and forth to Utah while traveling a lot with LuLaRoe. Clearly, she is living her best life and having so much fun with her mass amounts of friends.

What do you think of Meri Brown’s new B&B manager? Is it a good thing she did not move to Utah to live permanently? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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