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Meri Brown Brutalized By Annoyed ‘SW’ Fans

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Meri Brown has a fancy retreat coming up at her B&B. However, she is being harshly attacked over what she wants in exchange for attendance. Fans are outraged and they have no problem letting her know how they feel. It looks like this may not go off without a hitch. Read on for more details.

Meri Brown Brutalized By Annoyed SW Fans

It was not long ago that Meri announced a special retreat at her B&B. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn would be offering standard and VIP packages. They would include activities, fire pits get-togethers, food, and most importantly, time with Meri herself. Yet, it was the prices that took fans aback. They started at $4500 and went as high as over 6K. The lower packages did not even include staying at the property itself. It looked like Meri had gotten a little too big for her britches.

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She posted the retreat again on Facebook to get people energized. Unfortunately, her followers felt that she was the last person to give empowerment. They noted that she offered Christine no support. Furthermore, they added that they would respect Meri far more if she was like Christine, respected herself, and left Kody. Fans saw all the harsh critiques and ended up taking to Reddit to express how they felt about it all.

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“Um. I have stayed at all inclusive a in Jamaica with butlers for less than that,” one noted. Another added: “That is a nice 7 day vacation with my hubby in Kauai and in a beautiful condo. Car rental included!! Meri get your head out of Disneyland and into reality!!!” Finally, a Redditor said this: “Hope it goes out of business. Yes, I said that.”

Not The First Time

This is not the first time Meri Brown has come under fire for off-putting behavior. Fans have not taken kindly to Meri’s constant happy Instagram posts. The LuLaRoe retailer is consistently sharing how much she loves her life and how great everything is. Furthermore, they are over her preaching kindness, asking her followers to practice it when she is less than capable of doing it herself. In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Meri and Robyn were gossiping about Christine’s departure from the family.

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After that, fans felt that they were very “mean girl” and did not appreciate the behavior. As a result, it is believed that Meri is incapable of supporting other women. Moreover, is she just jealous that Christine was able to do what she could and has not been able to do all of these years? Finally, she seems to have it together with her B&B but even that seems to be a joke at this point.

Do you think Meri Brown deserves to be dragged through the coals the way that she is? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Meri Brown is nuts. WTF wants to pay 6k+ to stay in that dump. Have you seen the rooms? My husband and I go to Las Vegas, stay at The Venetian in the Penthouse Suite, eat in 5 star restaurants and have a blast.. who wants to hang out with a needy woman who puts down her “Sister wives” and pines a way for Kotex, Ahem Kody to throw her a bone. Get a life

    1. I believe Christine and janelle should have left kody a long time ago be all he loves n knows is robin a blind man can see. The people laugh because meri stays she must get pain awlfully good because he’s told her he don’t love her he don’t want her does she need a house fall on her and if robin cared about about of the sisters she would tell him I don’t like how you treat the sissy
      She split up the family after her Jody didn’t love anyone else just how I see it

  2. Meri wake up!!! Cody and Robin played you and are still doing it, they got you to divorce Cody, so Robin could be the main wife,and run the show, and that’s what she is doing!!! you are letting life pass you bye!!! they don’t give a damn about you, except your money, Robin sits and does nothing and lives off all the other wives money, she is LAZY LAZY LAZY!!!!!! and that fake crying I’m so sick of it!!!! stop it robin stop it!!!! you are as fake as your ability to care about someone other than yourself!!!!!!!

    1. thank you for saying that about Robin and Meryl I just can’t believe it I’m tired of looking at the puppy face with Robin like she’s crying you know they’re fake and then Meryl sitting a little but she has been just woke up so you know those two ladies are being played so much by Cody could use a jerk Cody needs to be left on his own and these two ladies need to start a new life and hurray for Christine and hurray for excuse me I’m so glad

  3. I think in althis nobody should be blamed except Drama Queen Robin. Well played Robin! in the beginning she damaged poor Meri, by giving up her marriage. so Kody could adopt her kids. any now Kristen. Be careful ladies she is evil.

  4. I used to feel bad for Meri, not anymore! The last episode disgusted me, Meri sits silent, and then bashes Christine behind her back! Then applauds Kodys behavior of blaming Christine for breaking the family up, and being mean to Robin! I’ve come to the conclusion that Meri and Kody deserve each other, they’re both cowards!! At least Robin had the guts to speak up, yes, it’s annoying to watch Robin cry every week, but at least she shows up and speaks! Janelle is supposed to be Christines friend, it makes me so frustrated how Janelle sits there and says NOTHING while Kody trashes Christine in front of those women. I can’t see any sisters in this show, they’re not even close to being called friends!! I’m so proud of Christine, you’re a wonderful example for your children, and the other children in your family. leaving this mess behind is the best thing you’ve done, aside from being such an amazing mom, and wife to a loser!! God bless you Christine!💞

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