Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Does Robyn Brown Already Have A House On Coyote Pass?

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Robyn Brown is by no means one of the popular Sister Wives castmates. For several years now, fans have made her out to be one of the main villains of the series. However, Robyn doesn’t seem to understand why viewers don’t care for her. In her eyes, she’s only doing what’s right for her family.

Even though Robyn may think she’s making the right choices, many fans continue to think she’s very self-serving and two-faced. A recent development involving her home may only solidify fans’ existing feelings about her. Keep reading to see what’s going on.

Sister Wives viewers point out something interesting about Robyn Brown’s home

While Christine and Kody’s marriage is crumbling, Robyn Brown seems to be living her best life. Onscreen, she seems heartbroken over Christine’s departure. But is she really? In the eyes of many viewers, it seems like Robyn is getting everything she ever wanted — and that includes her dream mansion in Flagstaff.

Robyn Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Robyn Brown/TLC

“Robyn’s house is in the trees at Coyote Pass! They already live there. Has the show ever mentioned this?” one Redditor pointed out this week. “Janelle’s RV wasn’t far at all from Kody & Robyn’s house as Kody & Robyn already live in Coyote Pass, not far from the land they all bought.”

Once other Sister Wives viewers realized this, they immediately came to the conclusion that it made sense why the family hadn’t broken ground on the land.

“I found out also a few days ago and I find it astonishing,” another user added. “And also the house of Christine was 1 mile from the property, she was living on the streets that lead to Robyn house… that would mean that it should have been extremely easy to visit your kids KODY! And I also thought when I discovered the location of Robyn house that it doesn’t make any sense to build on the property. They already have the mansion and the view.”

Are you surprised to learn this? Do you also think this is why the other wives haven’t built homes yet? Leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments below. Share what you really think!

Kody Brown’s bad behavior seems to be ruining the family

Christine has already left the family. Meri and Janelle still appear to be around, but rumors continue to swirl that they’ve actually left Kody too. Right now, it seems that Robyn’s marriage to Kody is the only one alive and thriving at the moment.

But according to teasers that TLC released, their marriage may be struggling too. This season, it seems like Kody is so angry over Christine’s departure that he’s taking his negative feelings out on the other wives.

Some other Redditors thought that Kody’s bad behavior could just be for the cameras. But most seemed to believe that he really was just a terrible person.

Don’t forget to tune into TLC tonight and catch the latest episode of Sister Wives. The latest episode comes out at 10 PM eastern time, so catch the latest episode tonight.

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  1. Kody is an egotistical ass and Robin is a perfect fit for him. She is a snake in the grass. Fake crying without EVER a tear. I hope the two of them get what they deserve. The more they say the more we find out the kind of people they really are. The truth comes out. And Kody, YOU CANT DANCE!!!
    Come on Janelle…wake up and leave his nasty ass. Meri, you can be happier without him.

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