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What Did Robert Garrison Brown Hand Kody At Logan’s Wedding?

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Last month, Robert Garrison Brown played a special role at his brother’s wedding. Also more commonly known as Garrison, he handed out beers to the seated guests. He walked down the aisle as a “beer bearer” rather than a ring one and everyone got a kick out of it. Garrison was seen handing his father, Kody something. However, it was not a beer or any type of beverage. Eagle-eyed fans noticed it looked like something and immediately took to Reddit to discuss it. Read on for what their thoughts were.

What Did Robert Garrison Brown Hand Kody At Logan’s Wedding?

Sister Wives fans who saw photos from Logan Brown’s wedding thought it was so creative. They loved the fact that Garrison was a beer boy/man. Yet, it did not appear that he handed his father, Kody a beer or any beverage, in fact. A Reddit thread was started to try to figure out exactly what it was he was handed and this is what they have come up with.


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It looks to be small and pale, definitely not a beverage so the guesses flowed in. One person thought hand sanitizer would have been amazing. Then someone piped in with: “Looks like a popper. When you pull the string confetti comes out. I’ve been to a wedding that passed these out.” This is a fair guess but another added: “No it’s the flower petals in the Fanny pack. He is releasing them from his hand. It the petals only look bigger because of when the pic was taken. They are leaving his hand but his hand still kinda looks like he is holding it as it is just opening up.”

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Others made jokes about Kody being a big baby and needing a pacifier so that is what was handed to him. There were so many out-of-the-box guesses. However, a flower petal definitely makes the most sense and works with the wedding theme. Plus, Garrison did his part complete justice the entire time and had a blast.

Kody Separated From The Family

Aside from Garrison Brown’s amazing beer boy job, fans also noticed how distant Kody and Robyn were sitting far from everyone else. Typically, the groom’s family sits together but Kody and his fourth wife were off in a separate section. It made viewers question the true status of Kody and Janelle. Has she finally left the family or is she still hanging on as she loves Coyote Pass so much?

What do you think Garrison Brown was handing to Kody? Let us know in the comments below.

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