Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives

Kody Brown Is Guest, Not Father Of Groom At Son’s Wedding?

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Kody Brown recently married off his oldest son Logan in a beautiful wedding over the weekend. Logan and his wife Michelle have really private social media profiles, but other family members have uploaded photos of the event here and there. On top of that, many Sister Wives fans have snagged access to leaked photos of the ceremony.

In most weddings, the parents of the bride and groom are seated as guests of honor at the front of the ceremony. But that wasn’t the case with Kody Brown. Instead, fans noticed that he was seated in the second row on the opposite aisle from Janelle and the rest of the family.

Was Kody Brown at the wedding as the father of the groom, or was he just another wedding guest?

Kody Brown did attend the wedding, but was missing from most photos

At this point, Sister Wives already know that Christine Brown left the family. But is it possible that other wives are following suit? Several fans think that the awkward seating arrangement may have something to do with Kody’s current relationship with Janelle Brown, Logan’s mother. She was clearly seated as the guest of honor at the wedding and it’s entirely possible she didn’t want to be anywhere near Kody. He also didn’t appear in any of the photos she uploaded from the reception. Did they quietly split up?

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

Some fans think that Kody’s placement during the ceremony actually depicts him as an outcast instead of a beloved member of the family. Many fans also feel that it was incredibly telling that he didn’t show up in any photos that family members posted online. Janelle, Christine, and many of Logan’s siblings uploaded photos of the happy occasion. Kody Brown just didn’t appear in any of them.

Kody Brown from TLC, Sister Wives
Kody Brown/TLC

Most fans just find the situation incredibly odd. If Kody were treated as a guest of honor and father of the groom, it seems like he would have a much bigger role. But as Kody has said, his older children just don’t need his time or attention like his little kids do.

The patriarch seeks out a new scapegoat after Christine leaves

Season 17 is a year and a half behind current events. Fans are just now watching Christine’s departure unfold onscreen. And now that she’s gone, Kody needs someone else to act as his scapegoat. Sadly, it seems like he’s chosen Janelle. But fans know that Janelle is strong and will not stand for his bad behavior. Did she actually leave? Fans will just need to keep watching to see what happens next.

Don’t forget to catch the newest episode of Sister Wives this Sunday night on TLC. Season 17 is really heating up, so don’t miss out on a single second of the drama. Stay tuned and check back with TV Shows Ace for more updates on your favorite reality TV shows.

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