‘Sister Wives’ What Happened Between Kody,Gabe & Garrison Brown?


Sister Wives fans watched the breakdown between Kody Brown and some of his children. The most notable dissension has been between him and Gabe and Garrison. At the Season 16 tell-all, he claimed that the only solution would be therapy but what really put the nail in the coffin?

Sister Wives And The ‘Perfect’ Family

Everything seemed quite fine in the Brown household when they lived in their single-family home in Utah. The original three wives had their own space with their children. Everyone interacted as a joint family with Kody rotating as best as he could. Luckily, the kids felt a sense of community, or at least it appeared that way. Janelle was the workhorse so she was away most of the day while third wife Christine tended to the home. For the most part, the children saw all three of the wives as their mothers and that was a benefit of plural marriage. When fourth wife, Robyn came into the family, the biggest detriment was that she never lived in the home.


They had gotten her and her three children a home nearby so they could feel closer to their new family. Within a short period of time, the Browns escaped to Las Vegas as a precautionary measure. Each wife got their own but it still allowed the kids to be close. Kody attempted to be in his children’s lives but there was something new and different. Some of them noticed that he was not as attentive to them as he was to Robyn and her children. There was a lot of favoritism going on and that stung some. Seven years later, they all headed to Flagstaff for another move, which his son Gabe was adamantly against. He had a happy life in Vegas and felt that was being ripped from him. It did not get better between him and Kody once they got to Flagstaff.

The End Of Gabe And Garrison?

Gabe was very verbal on Sister Wives about not moving to Flagstaff. He had stability in Vegas and resented having to leave all of that behind. Two years later, the pandemic hit and so did protocol Kody. He created all of these extensive rules which directly impacted his relationships with Janelle and Christine. Kody believed that Christine was being irresponsible and traveling too much, forgetting they had kids in other states. As for Janelle, he felt her kids were being disobedient. In Touch Weekly broke it down and shared his true problems with him and Janelle’s sons. Both Gabe and Garrison had lives outside of the house, mainly Garrison. He had been in the National Guard and was now home working so he could save for his own home.


Garrison was working very hard and Janelle maintained she was not about to throw him out when he never asked for anything. Kody felt he was just being too social and the same went for Gabe who was still in college but had a girlfriend. He still wanted to be with her and was being as safe as possible but Kody wanted him to choose. It was either Kody or the girlfriend. Gabe stood up to his dad, feeling he was being way too harsh. Kody mostly stayed with Robyn while Gabe believed he was never thinking of the family as a whole. He did not even know about Gabe’s girlfriend to be able to judge.

As it stands, Kody and his boys are not on good terms but Garrison has gotten his own home. Janelle did an amazing job raising strong and independent children who stand up for what is right. What do you think of the feud? Let us know.

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