‘Gold Rush’: What Is Tony Beets Net Worth?

Fred Lewis - Gold Rush | YouTube

On the last episode of Gold Rush, Fred Lewis realized he needed help. He spent way too much time this season trying to break through ice to get into the water for gold. Fred needed someone to transport his dozer 150 miles to his claim. He went to Tony Beets for help.

If there is one thing that fans of Gold Rush know about Tony Beets, it is that he is a nice guy. However, he won’t do anything for free. If anyone needs his help, he asks for a part of the cut of what they are mining for. That is why Tony is the richest member of the Gold Rush cast.

What is Gold Rush star Tony Beets’ net worth

Fred Lewis - Gold Rush | YouTube
Fred Lewis – Gold Rush | YouTube

Tony Beets is one of the main two stars of Gold Rush when it comes to success at gold mining. He and Parker Schnabel are the two men on the show that have brought in the most gold and made the most money. However, when it comes to the two men, it is Tony who has made the most money in his career. The official Gold Rush website on Discovery calls Tony a “maverick mining legend” and “a larger-than-life Dutchman who runs one of the biggest operations in the Klondike.”

Tony was raised in the Netherlands. He began working as a machine operator as an adult. This led to his rise to become one of the most successful gold miners in the Klondike. He is married with four kids, three of which work with Tony in the family business. Thanks to his gold mining success, there aren’t many miners as wealthy as Tony.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tony Beets’ net worth is an eye-popping $15 million. While a lot of his money comes from mining, he also gets paid a healthy sum for appearing on the episodes of the Discovery shows. This includes not only Gold Rush, but also its various spin-offs. He also appeared in the documentary Gold Fever in 2013.

However, Tony Beets also has a lot of money thanks to the deals he makes with other gold miners, such as the one he just made with Fred Lewis.

Tony Beets has lots of claims

Anyone who has watched Gold Rush for any length of time knows that Tony Beets has his hands in a lot of gold mining sites. This includes those he is not even mining himself, such as Fred Lewis’ site now. He doesn’t actually own any land in the Klondike. Instead, he has staked claims to the lands, which gives him the rights.

According to reports, Tony has claims on Paradise Hill (42,000 square meters) and Scribner Creek, and he has a reported 163 claims in the Tamarack/Tony Indian Rivers. With so much land, a full stock of equipment, and his reality TV earnings, Tony Beets net worth makes a lot more sense.

Are you surprised at how much Tony Beets is worth? What are some of your best memories of the gold minder on Gold Rush? Let us know in the comments below.

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