‘Gold Rush’ Fans Want Fred Replaced In Cast

Fred Lewis on Gold Rush - episode screencap

Fred Lewis is one of the main people that Gold Rush follows this season on the hit Discovery Channel series. After serving on Parker Schnabel’s crew, he soon set out with a crew of his own and has been trying to find gold ever since.

However, there are a lot of Gold Rush fans who are tired of seeing Fred on the show each week. Now, the cries are getting louder about replacing him in the cast.

Gold Rush fans call for Fred’s removal from the show

It is impossible to follow Gold Rush on Reddit without seeing the threads flooded with comments about how viewers spend every episode fast-forwarding past Fred’s moments on the show. After the last episode, some fans decided to start a thread specifically about Fred leaving the show.

Fred on Gold Rush - episode screencap

In the thread, the OP wrote that Fred’s story offers nothing of value to the show and is mostly “filler content.” However, they did come up with an idea of what Fred brings to Gold Rush in the end. It comes down to his constant mistakes and poor decisions. “The number of times I find myself questioning every single thing he does is mind blowing,” they wrote.

The OP also mentioned something that has always bothered many fans of Gold Rush. That is the fact that the show always points out that Fred is a military veteran, and it seems someone mentions this more than once per episode. It has almost become a drinking game for many viewers. The OP said they liked Fred at first, but his entire story has gotten old.

Redditors take shots at Fred’s role in the series

One commenter on the Reddit thread pointed out everything that they want on the show. They mentioned dredges, chains breaking, drainage issues, competent people running the industry, and gold. However, they pointed out that what they don’t want to see is Fred.

Fred - Gold Rush - episode screencap

This past two weeks on Gold Rush, Fred has been trying to get through the ice to start digging through the water. However, it took two weeks before he finally decided to just move further down where there was no ice. All the attempts he made to break through the ice failed. He spent as much time sitting down frustrated as he is doing anything else. Meanwhile, his gold this season is minimal.

“I laughed about how they tried to use a pipe wrench to pull the blade off the dozer,” another commenter wrote. “Then they pull out the perfect tool like they had it all along.” Another wrote, “How many episodes are we in this season already.. and hes still contemplating what to do about the ice in the river?”

The overall opinion is that while Parker seems professional as he searches for his gold, Fred seems to have little idea what he is doing. While having mistakes creates drama, many fans have had enough of Fred on Gold Rush.

Do you like watching Fred on Gold Rush? Do you feel his story has already gotten old? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I also fast forward when Fred is on he needs to move on his story line is dull and boring. He doesn’t know how to mine no yes I appreciate that fact that he is a vertebrae I have many veterans in my family but the constant reminder on each episode is getting old. I say show more of Parker and Beets

  2. Fred is struggling mostly due to his inexperience with ground work. I do believe he will come around with time. He needs to see the picture that he is presenting, stand back, take a real good look at it then proceed. He is a smart, so I am hoping for him and his crew to have a successful year.

  3. Fred and crew are the new Todd, but if people only knew Fred was in the military I’m sure they would want to watch.

  4. Please get rid of Fred Lewis. What a joke. He doesn’t belong in heavy equipment and has no business gold mining. Oh and his wife as a mine boss? Come on, please? I can’t take it. Another thing… I could care less that he was in the military. Stop telling me he was a green beret medic. I don’t care. What the hell does it have to do with gold mining. Misfit Miner segments ruin the show. They aren’t mining they are playing with ice. No other crew would waste the time doing the things this crew does. I also don’t care about his relationship with his son. This is a gold mining show. Give the Clayton Bros the space. They are hard workers and know their way around the equipment. I wish the show would back the brothers and give them a chance.

  5. I like Fred Lewis and want him to stay on the show. His mining ventures are a struggle. People are complying for something like this is stupid. I’m sick of seeing that rude ass Parker and Tony. I like Rick but can’t deal no more with the other 2.

  6. Fred Lewis n his buddy just want someone to pat them on the back n say good job like a kid that never satisfied their dad LOL military pity or whatever u wanna call it has been past old. He talks too much about nothing and hes an average leader. Does too much talkin. Lead by example.

  7. Love to see Fred On the show I enjoyed him trying to learn but yes a lot of things he should have figured out by now.

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