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Frustrated Kody Brown Says Christine Was A Failed Investment

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Kody Brown of Sister Wives likens himself to nothing more than an investor and Christine to nothing more than an investment in the latest sneak preview of the TLC series. The TLC star explained to the cameras that he feels like an investor who made a poor choice in a bad investment. And, now he’s stuck with a failed investment (Christine) on his hands.

Frustrated Kody Brown says Christine was a failed investment

Speaking to the TLC cameras, Kody Brown admits that he was never in love with Christine. He explained that he had obligations and responsibilities because she was his wife. But, there was never a point in their relationship where he found himself actually doing things out of a love he had for her.

Kody Brown, however, refuses to be the only one to take the blame for this failed investment. He proceeds to argue that Christine didn’t have any love for him at the end of their relationship. Moreover, he is positive Christine Brown hasn’t loved him for a long time.

Kody Brown - YouTube - Sister Wives
Kody Brown – YouTube – Sister Wives

From Kody Brown’s point of view, he and Christine remained husband and wife because their relationship was bigger than just their marriage. They had tons of children to think about and three other wives. From his point of view, they had an obligation to stay together so they didn’t break up the family.

Why is this so different than with Meri Brown?

One thing Sister Wives fans find truly baffling about the situation is why Kody Brown is clinging so hard to Christine while trying to push Meri out the door. After all, he has said he doesn’t love Meri or Christine anymore. Yet, he doesn’t want Christine to leave him. Sister Wives fans believe there is a very simple answer to this question. Power and control. With Meri, Kody Brown has been the one to decide she can leave him if she wants to. With Christine, he didn’t have the power and he didn’t make the decision. She made the decision to leave him. And, he’s having a hard time dealing with that.

Christine Brown via Facebook
Christine – Facebook

Sister Wives fans believe Christine making the decision to leave was simply a blow to Kody Brown’s ego. And, that’s the real reason why he’s fought so much harder for her to stay.

Does it surprise you that Kody Brown considered Christine to be nothing more than an investment? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Not in the slightest. All his wives except Sobbyn 0f course are investments. They bring in the cash. If Sobbyn remains his only wife he will have to get off his lazy, megalomaniac ass and actually work. sister wives would be over so no help there lol.

  2. Kody is such a narcissistic 🇯🇪! His way or stay anyway! He has no respect for his wives or adult children!

  3. What’ the real thing is Kody is just mad as hell because Christine got smart and left him and he can’t stand that. He threw Mari in the trash and that’s ok because he knows she won’t leave him Now that’s sad on her part.

  4. Kody, you were so afraid Christine was gonna bad talk you after she left, but yet you are doing the same thing. Remember that comment??? Robin and her divorce…and always it’s the women that make the man out to be the bad guy??? You just can’t stand rejection because “YOU DA MAN”… well get over yourself!! You’re a bully, rude, narcissistic,egotistical, snd just down rude. I hope you and Sobyn and HER kids have a beautiful life together. You deserve each other!!!!! You’re both sad excuse for parents and humans.

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