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Kody Brown Calls ‘Bullsh*t,’ Christine Stole His Children’s Love

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Kody Brown calls “bullsh*t” as Christine informs him he only has himself to blame for his lack of a loving relationship with his children. In a sneak preview of Sister Wives shared by ET Online, Christine Brown clued Kody in on the fact that his struggles to connect with his children had nothing to do with her. Christine proceeds to point her finger at the COVID pandemic being the real issue as it put a huge strain on the family. Though, most fans would argue Kody Brown wasn’t that close to children outside of Robyn Brown’s household prior to the pandemic.

A few episodes ago, even Christine pointed out that Kody never came over to see Truely before and only suddenly had an interest in his daughter now that she was leaving. Likewise, fans wondered why it took Christine leaving to propose Truely having a room at Robyn’s house.

During a confessional, Kody Brown shuts the whole topic of conversation down calling “bullsh*t” on the whole thing. Kody Brown argues that the split up is one giant game to Christine. Moreover, he argues that she’s always been interested in playing games. Then, he proceeds to explain that Christine ran from person to person telling them about wanting to leave him while painting a picture of him being a bad guy. Kody argues that the reason many of his adult children have no relationship with him is that Christine poisoned them against him.

Kody Brown - Christine - Truely - Instagram
Kody Brown – Christine – Truely – Instagram

Did Kody Brown ever have a relationship with these children?

Fans of Sister Wives fans are a bit baffled that Kody Brown is trying to blame the split on the splintering relationships he has with his children. This is because children like Robyn and Paedon would argue that Robyn is a big part of the reason why they have no relationship with their father.

Gwendlyn Brown recently started spilling serious tea on her family. This included revealing that her father Kody wasn’t nearly as nice as he was presented to be on television. Likewise, she also ripped Robyn Brown noting that Robyn was even worse than she was depicted on the show.

Kody Brown - YouTube
Kody   – YouTube

While many of his adult children seem to have a relationship that continues to move forward with their mothers, it doesn’t seem as though Kody’s love extends beyond Robyn Brown’s household.

Does it surprise you that Kody Brown is trying to blame Robyn for ruining his relationships with his children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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