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Christine Brown’s Poor Treatment Of Robyn Early On Justified?

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Sister Wives Season 17 has unfolded a lot of drama after Christine Brown decided to end her relationship with Kody Brown. A big reason for the couple’s dwindling relationship was Robyn pulling the strings on Kody. However, in the upcoming episode, fans would see Kody accusing Christine of treating Robyn like dirt ever since she joined the family. Did Christine really treat Robyn poorly? Keep reading to find out the details!

Kody Lashes Out On Christine Brown

In the November episode preview of Sister Wives, the outdoor conversation between Kody and his wives suddenly shifts from Christine selling her house to the way she treated her sister-wives. In her confessional, Meri says, “I have seen her non-acceptance of Robyn and disdain for me through the years.”

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“She’s treated you like dirt from the very beginning,” Kody tells Robyn, after which he takes a jibe at Christine stating, “That’s the reason I’m p*ssed off.”

While Meri appreciates Kody giving it to Christine on her face, Janelle is the only one comforting a devastated Christine.

Sister Wives Fans Justify Christine’s Feelings About Robyn

However, on Reddit, fans didn’t agree with Kody’s statement of Christine treating Robyn ‘like dirt.’ On the Sister Wives subreddit group, the OP wrote, “Christine was pregnant when Kody was courting Robyn AND has postpartum depression after giving birth to Truely. It’s ridiculous that they keep on blaming Christine for not jumping for joy while she was going through a big medical event.”

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The OP also talked about how stressed out Christine was with their life going public for the very first time. Moreover, with a newborn by her side, the big move to Las Vegas also took a toll on her.

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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“Yup. Plus he left her for a two-week honeymoon when she had an infant and was spending time at Robyn’s while she was heavily pregnant and WORKING NIGHTS and it turns out Ysabel was putting the kids to bed because Kody was too busy,” added another.

Christine Was Happy With Her Sister Wives For 15 Years

It isn’t that Christine wasn’t up for sharing Kody with another wife but Robyn’s entry into the family essentially turned the polygamous setup into a monogamous one. It was Robyn who got Kody’s attention while others craved it. Christine made it work with Meri and Janelle for almost 15 years which is a big accomplishment.

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Some think that Kody blaming Christine for not welcoming the fourth wife while being heavily pregnant and raising 13 kids with her sister-wives is nothing but gaslighting. When Kody courted Robyn, the family had just filed for bankruptcy. Plus, Robyn was bringing four more mouths to feed with no job to contribute. So, fans feel Christine not welcoming her with open arms was more than justified.

Christine Brown TLC Sister Wives YouTube

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Do you think Kody is gaslighting Christine into believing she mistreated Robyn? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Oh please! No help while pregnant and alone with infant! Kody sucks! Christine deserves so much better than Kody! So very happy for her! He has been so awful to every wife except for Robyn, they should all leave him.

    1. The day Christine had Truly Robin was kissing Cody which was a Nono before marriage. She also let her daughter be Robins nanny

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