‘The Masked Singer’ Pays Tribute To Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan

Many people knew Leslie Jordan from his acting roles. This included the sitcom Call Me Kat, with Wheel of Fortune host Mayim Bialik. However, over the past few years, Jordan was best known for another role. He was one of the most popular guest panelists on The Masked Singer.

On tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, the hit reality show will pay tribute to Leslie and dedicate the entire episode to the comic actor.

The Masked Singer honors Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan on The Masked Singer

While the episode won’t air until later tonight, The Masked Singer already revealed its plans on its Instagram account. In a post on Tuesday night, a montage of clips from Leslie Jordan’s time on the show played out. The montage then ended with the tribute reading, “The following episode of The Masked Singer is dedicated to a beloved member of the Fox family. Leslie Jordan. 1955-2022.”

The video itself was full of happy moments. It showed Leslie Jordan performing as an ice cream cone called Soft Serve on The Masked Singer. His singing played out throughout the tribute. The tribute also included moments of him either being funny or gracious. It was a beautiful tribute and showed how much happiness and energy he brought every time he appeared.

Leslie Jordan showed up as Soft Serve in The Masked Singer Season 6 and then moved on to the table as a panelist. He sang “This Little Light of Mine” and then unmasked before joining the other panelists. Tonight on The Masked Singer will be Leslie’s final appearance on the show as a panelist.

On top of The Masked Singer, Leslie Jordan also appeared on TV shows like Boston PublicBoston LegalAmerican Horror Story, and Supernatural. Leslie died after an auto accident on October 24 at the age of 67.

Leslie Jordan Masked Singer IG

Tonight on The Masked Singer

The Lambs made their first appearance on the last episode and consisted of three singers, and while the panelists guessed Haim, The Chicks, and SWV, the clues point to the fact that this might be Wilson Phillips. If that is true, this might be a tough act to beat.

Tonight is “Hall of Fame Night” and it looks like The Lambs might end up only needing two wins (Week 5 and Week 6) to solidify their place in the semifinals. There are three newcomers on tonight’s episode with Avocado, Bride, and Gopher going head to head. As it is each week with the new format, two of them will unmask tonight and only one will move on.

On top of The Lambs, the only other singer who moved on so far was Harp, who swept her first three weeks. The other winner this season was Robo Girl, but Lambs beat her in the second week of her competition and she unmasked as Kat Graham.

What are your best memories of Leslie Jordan on The Masked Singer? Let us know your favorites in the comment section below.

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