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‘The Masked Singer’ Setting Up Harp To Win?

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The Masked Singer fans aren’t happy with the new format of the show. Each week, two contestants have to unmask and go home. TV Shows Ace previously reported the details about their reaction to this season. Now, some fans are accusing the show of setting up the Harp to win the season.

There’s no doubt that the Harp has been strong. So far, no one else has been in direct competition with her. It also seems like she’s the only female singer in the competition so far. Ever since the premiere, she’s managed to retain her crown and stop on top.

The Harp [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]

The Masked Singer Season 8: Who’s the Harp?

Fans are convinced that Glee alum Amber Riley is the Harp. They recognized her clue package and voice from the moment they were introduced to her. Her identity hasn’t been unveiled on the show unless she goes home. For the past few weeks, she’s had a strong start on the show.

Some would say she’s bound to win Season 8 of The Masked Singer. However, some fans have to wonder if the FOX competition is setting her up to win. There hasn’t been much tough competition this season. No one has a voice that would compete with Harp’s powerful voice.

Fortune Teller [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]
There’s a possibility that they’re deliberately picking bad contestants so that the Harp could finish all the way to the end. On Wednesday’s broadcast of The Masked Singer, the Harp shared that she was never judged for her talent even though she works in the music industry. This was her chance to be judged by her incredible voice.

This could be the show’s way of keeping her around. Fans criticized the reality series in the past for allowing mediocre contestants to win. So far, the Harp has managed to beat out the Hummingbird, Hedgehog, Pi-Rat, Panther, the Mummies, and Fortune Teller. She was immediately sent to the semi-finals on Wednesday’s episode.

Making it too easy to win?

The Masked Singer fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Wednesday’s episode. Most of them have noticed a trend in the past few weeks. They noticed that this show hasn’t felt like a real competition because of the lack of talent. Some are begging the show to bring on more professional singers.

The Panther & The Harp [The Masked Singer | YouTube]
[The Masked Singer | YouTube]
“Are all the acts going to be bad so The Harp rolls through to the end with no competition? I mean, she is really great, but this is a #snoozfest,” one fan wrote.

The Masked Singer is boring this season because there’s no competition for the Harp. We already know who’s gonna win,” another added.

What are your thoughts on The Masked Singer Season 8? Have you enjoyed it? Or, are you disappointed by the lack of competition? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Masked Singer Season 8 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on FOX.

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  1. The Competition isn’t fair in my book and I also believe it’s Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson is a way better singer and she’s been in alot of things,produces, her own show so it’s no doubt in my mind

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