‘The Masked Singer’ Season 8: Is The Harp’s Identity Obvious?

Harp on The Masked Singer

Sometimes it is hard to figure out who is under the mask on The Masked Singer. When it is a famous singer, you might think that would make it easy, but people haven’t guessed famous singers in the past. However, when it comes to Harp this season, her voice is giving her away.

Fans of the hit show have already guessed who Harp is, and it is all because of her familiar and iconic voice. Here is what you need to know.

Harp moves this week on The Masked Singer

When Harp hit the stage on the season premiere of The Masked Singer, the guesses believed she was young and very talented. Fans thought the same thing because she moved on to the next rounds in the competition, while three other singers all went home.

The first elimination this week was the Knight, who was unmasked as 91-year-old legend William Shatner. While all the clues fit, it was still shocking to see Shatner on The Masked Singer. The second elimination was the Hedgehog, and this was another shocking moment. It was Monty Python troupe member Eric Idle. The third elimination was the Hummingbird, but he won’t be unmasked until next week. Many people think he might be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

Amber Riley On The Masked Singer

This  week, Harp knocked it out of the park by singing Pink’s “F***in’ Perfect.” By the end, viewers at home thought they knew who it was based on the voice. This also lined up with the trailers for the show, where people also guessed that Harp was in fact a former television star.

Who is Harp on The Masked Singer?

There is no telling who is under the mask of Harp until she officially reveals herself on the show, but from the sound of her voice, it is very likely former Glee star Amber Riley. When the original promo hit, Redditors guessed it was Riley. “My gleek a** knows Amber Riley when I hear her,” one Redditor wrote. Now that she has appeared on the show, more people are jumping on the bandwagon.

Amber Riley

First up, here are the clues. Harp said she auditioned for the biggest show in the world when she was a teenager. When Riley was 17, she auditioned for American Idol. She said she “didn’t fit the mold” and didn’t make it, which is how her Idol journey ended. She then became an “idol for anyone who felt like an outsider.” That alone, mixed with her voice, screams Amber Riley.

She also said she won awards for acting, singing, and comedy, which she shared with her besties. She won an ensemble award for Glee, an award for Best Actress in a Musical for Dreamgirls, and another for Best Musical Performance, also for Dreamgirls. Harp is almost definitely Amber Riley.

Did you watch The Masked Singer this week? What were your thoughts on Harp? Do you think it’s Amber Riley? Let us know in the comments below.

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