‘The Masked Singer’ Changing Format This Season

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is coming back on September 21, and there will be some major changes in its format. Last season, the show didn’t seem quite as fun because there wasn’t as much time to debate the people under the masks.

There will be major changes this season, and the entire fun of figuring out who is under the masks will mostly be nonexistent this season. Here is a look at the new format, and how it will take a lot of fun out of the guessing game part of the show.

The Masked Singer changing format this season

One of the best parts of watching The Masked Singer is figuring out who is under those costumes. In past seasons, the singers would rotate different weeks, and fans would often go online and debate who it is based on the clues given on the show. This would allow fans to talk about the contestants even when the show wasn’t airing that night.

Last season, a format change disrupted that. Instead of rotating the singers each week, each batch competed until only one remained and then the next batch would show up. Each week, the fans would vote to save their favorites and one would go home. There would end up with a double elimination in the last week of each batch. This meant each group of singers was finished in three weeks.

The Masked Singer

This season, the singers will be gone before fans at home can really get to love them. In The Masked Singer Season 8, the three competitors each week will perform. The singer receiving the lowest votes will unmask in the middle of the show. That means fans will have less than 30 minutes to guess their identity before they are gone. The two remaining will compete in a Battle Royale of the same song. One of them will unmask and go home. Each night, there will be three singers and only one moves on.

Not only is this cutthroat, but it means there is no reason to invest in any of the singers because they will be gone before you know it. However, there is one change that might make it a little more bearable.

There are 22 contestants this season

This season of The Masked Singer has 22 contestants, the most in the show’s history. That means people who want to see more celebrities singing and unmasked will get that. However, the change means the guessing part of the show will no longer mean anything for fans who watch it to figure out who the singers are.

Additionally, The Masked Singer introduces all-new themed episodes, including Vegas Night, Comedy Roast, Muppets Night, Thanksgiving, and Fright Night. Fans of Dancing with the Stars know what this will look like.

Are you excited about The Masked Singer Season 8? What do you think of the new rules? Let us know in the comments below.

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