‘The Masked Singer’ Introduces It’s First New Costumes And Clues

The Masked Singer returns in September with Season 8 and Fox has begun introducing the new costumes for this next season of the show. Here are the costumes that Fox has presented and what fans need to know about the new season.

The Masked Singer introduces new costumes

One of the most important things for The Masked Singer on Fox is the costumes. Last season, the show went above and beyond, with costumes using working lights and others that have a person backstage using a remote control to operate the different parts of the costume, including moving eyes and a smoke show.

This season, Fox should up the technology while trying to keep fans in the U.S. interested. Here is what Fox has introduced so far when it comes to the new costumes for The Masked Singer Season 8.

The hints started last week when a promo on Instagram showed a giant pink dragon-looking character. After this, Fox showed the first actual reveal of a costume with the Avocado. This image also included the first clue – a bag of chips. This led at least one person to guess that it could be Erik Estrada from the classic TV show Chips.

Avocado on The Masked Singer

The next introduction was for the Venus Fly-Trap, which saw a video with two clues. One was the caption “thirst trap” and the other was another Mask-ray photo that showed a fly. A couple of people guess it could be Jeff Goldblum, who starred in the 1980s remake of The Fly.

Up next was the introduction of Sir Bugaboo. This was a monster looking character in a suit top with a bow tie, as well as colorful baggy pants, sandals, and a top hat. He had a green, fuzzy face and hands with claws on the fingers. As for the clues, the caption said, “this mask is paw-sitively” and the Mask-ray showed a close-up of the bow tie. This caused some to think of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

What else can fans expect on The Masked Singer?

Also introduced for The Masked Singer Season 8 with no clues yet was the Bride. She is dressed all in white for her big day, contrasting beautifully against her scaly pink skin. She also happens to be a female dragon with pointed horns and blue fingernails, wearing white high heels and a huge diamond ring.

The Bride on The Masked Singer

As for who is behind the masks, another person that might be coming to The Masked Singer this season is Tom Brady. While Brady has denied he took part in the show, he skipped out on a large part of NFL training camp this offseason and returned right after The Masked Singer finished filming the season.

The Masked Singer Season 7 ended with Teyana Taylor winning after competing as Firefly.

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