Tom Brady Taking Part In ‘The Masked Singer’?

Tom Brady

The Masked Singer just wrapped up filming its latest season and there are some strong hints that one of the greatest NFL players in history competed on the show this season.

Based on a suspicious “personal issue” causing him to leave training camp for a couple of weeks and a promo sent out by Fox, fans are sure that Tom Brady is one of The Masked Singer contestants this season.

Is Tom Brady on The Masked Singer this season?

Tom Brady left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp earlier this month for what his head coach said were “personal reasons.” There was likely nothing wrong, because his coach said that Brady mentioned it before camp even started, which means he had something planned for this time period, and fans believe it was The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer filmed its eighth season and the tapings for the show ended up August 20. The reality TV series won’t be back until September. They tape the show in advance and usually do a great job of hiding spoilers. Fans in attendance leaked one extremely controversial contestant last season. However, the show mostly closely guards the identities of the singers.

Tom Brady

However, with the timing of Tom Brady taking off, Fox might be hedging their bets or they are teasing NFL fans. A clip TMZ received showed Ken Jeong guessing that one celeb was Tom Brady. He started by guessing Peyton Manning, as he feels it was a football player, but said he felt it was Brady. “He just got fined for not showing up to training camp because he is here on ‘The Masked Singer’. This is seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady!”

That is not exactly true, as Brady wasn’t fined because he got permission to leave camp for personal reasons. However, there are other reasons that fans think it is Brady. Tom showed up at training camp on August 22, two days after The Masked Singer wrapped up taping its season. Brady also teased it by posting on Twitter, “Wasn’t on the masked singer last week. Was wearing a mask though.” The fact he mentioned it means he wants to shoot down rumors, or is just messing around with fans.

Tom Brady’s best teammate was on The Masked Singer

If Tom Brady shows up on The Masked Singer, he wouldn’t be the first NFL star there. The closest teammate he ever had in his career was also on the show. Rob Gronkowski, who played with Brady in New England and Tampa Bay, appeared on the show as The White Tiger. He sang “Im Too Sexy”, “We Will Rock You” and “Good Vibrations.”

Antonio Brown, who also played with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay, was also on The Masked Singer. He was the first athlete unmasked in 2019, where he sang “My Prerogative.”

Other NFL stars on The Masked Singer include Mark Sanchez in Season 4, Jordan Mailata last season, and Terry Bradshaw, also in 2019.

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