‘Masked Singer’ Fans Rage Over Ken Jeong’s Tantrum, Want Him Gone?

'Masked Singer' Fans Rage Over Ken Jeong's Tantrum, Want Him Gone? [Credit: YouTube]

The Masked Singer had its most dramatic episode yet. Season 7 kicked off with some unexpected and head-turning moments. However, viewers had a feeling this moment was going to happen. Months ago, before the premiere, a report claimed that Ken Jeong walked off the stage during an unmasking.

According to a report, Ken blew up at the awkward reveal. He walked off the stage when Rudy Giuliani unveiled himself as the Jack in the Box on the Wednesday, April 20 episode. Fellow judge Robin Thicke followed him while Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger playfully bantered with the celebrity contestant.

Ken Jeong walks off after shocking unveiling

Fans of The Masked Singer had a funny feeling this moment was coming. The latest episode teased that the Jack in the Box was one of the new masks that viewers hadn’t witnessed yet. They filmed this episode earlier in the season. Yet, it didn’t air until last night.

The Masked Singer was making headline news for its shocking unveiling. This episode became one of the most highly-anticipated events in the show’s history. Some feelings had mixed feelings about it. Unsurprisingly, Rudy Giuliani revealed himself as Team Bad’s Jack in the Box.

Ken Jeong Walks Off Masked Singer [Credit: The Masked Singer/YouTube]
[Credit: The Masked Singer/YouTube]
The celebrity panelists, the studio audience, and host Nick Cannon had an awkward reaction to seeing the former New York City mayor on stage. Ken Jeong looked visibly upset with the unveiling. He walked away the moment Giuliani performed one last time. Jeong turned to his fellow panelist, Robin Thicke, and said, “I’m done.” He then walked off the stage.

It’s unclear whether Jeong was over The Masked Singer forever or for that night only. Robin Thicke went to go look for Jeong. Meanwhile, Jenny McCarthy and Nicole Scherzinger remained in their seats to listen to Giuliani’s performance. Fans of the singing competition think Jeong disrespected the controversial political figure.

Fans of The Masked Singer slam Ken Jeong

The Masked Singer viewers watched the drama unfold. Producers creatively edited it, so it didn’t focus as much on Jeong’s reaction. Yet, fans noticed and were upset with how he reacted to Giuliani’s unveiling. They think he should’ve remained professional and stayed to watch his performance instead of walking away. Some are even calling for his firing.

  • “Lost respect for Kengon Jeong. Completely uncalled for.”
  • “Ken just showed his a**! He should be removed from the show for that!”
  • “Very disappointed in his actions hope Ken is DONE.”
  • “Ken should be fired from #TheMaskedSinger.”
  • “Not nice Ken. Isn’t about being inclusive.”

Ken Jeong's Reaction To Jack In The Box [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
But other Masked Singer fans respected Jeong’s reason to leave. They think he should do whatever he feels comfortable doing. What are your thoughts on Jeong’s reaction? Do you think he should leave the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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Chanel Adams


    1. It’s definitely killing entertainment. I have lost respect for Ken Jeong. As a physician he should know that being inclusive includes those with whom you disagree—something the left leaning entertainers preach but don’t truly believe. I don’t think I will watch again. Thank you for ruining one of my favorite shows, Mr. Jeong.

      1. I am with you, Chris. I have not watched a single episode since the one where Ken walked off (and Robin followed), i n protest of R.G. But this goes deeper than just Ken and Robin. These shows are taped way in advance and considerable editing goes into the show before it airs. This means that the “Masked Singer” production team could have easily edited out Ken’s response and their exit. Instead, they included a close up and vocal of Ken’s tantrum and exit from the stage. Clearly they also had an agenda to pass on and thus made their hit show into a political instrument of their own design. One of the biggest reasons I turned on MS was to get away from the political chaos, if only for an hour. That is no longer possible, and thus I have not, nor will ever watch another MS. And the interesting thing, Chris, is that I found that I didn’t miss it. It was quite easy to find something else to take it’s place.

  1. I support ken. I walked outside and smoked. I had no want or need to see that creep on there. I mean are you serious?

  2. Americans tire of the constant barrage of politics in our life and all over our media. Many of us watch these shows to be entertained. I believe the inclusion of political figures during our current political climate to be “bad hat”, and I blame the network entirely for the poor decision. A reaction was likely expected from SOMEONE. It just so happens that Ken was the one that stepped up to the plate. The resulting drama puts me in a mind to not watch the show again, not because of Ken’s reaction, and not because of Rudy, but because of the poor choice to inject a show I love with the very politics that I watch the show to escape from. Kudos Ken for doing what you felt was the right thing. As I said before, to have done this, the network EXPECTED dramatic reaction, and that is what they got. Shame on that.

    1. Janetta, I totally agree with everything you said. I wish I had seen your post before I wrote my own as we expressed almost the exact same thing. I, too, finding it “poor form” and a nasty pandering for inflamed reaction, blame the producers/show. Since then, I have not, nor will I ever again, watch another episode/season of The Masked Singer. It was surprisingly easy to find something else to watch that gave that escape from the political chaos and I can honestly say that I didn’t find myself missing the show at all.

  3. I would have done the same thing! F@€k Giuliani, he is a traitorous piece of shit! He deserves no respect what so ever! I support Ken Jeong 100%!

    1. James,

      But you are okay with the show’s producers bringing RG onto the show? You think it’s okay to hire someone to come on your show and then set them up to be disrespected? Don’t you see, the didn’t just play RG….you all got played. Poor form in my book, but I know so many people who don’t have a grasp of business ethics who went right along with their plan to set up a situation and inflame it. Par for the liberal media… take NOTE… again… the liberal media set the whole thing up for the controversy.

  4. I agree with Ken. The show should not have allowed that treasonous pos on the show. Ken was right. Others should have followed.. including the audience. Others said this is about inclusion. We all know that’s BS. Since when has Guiliani been about inclusion? He certainly wasn’t inclusive when he tried to illegally cancel the legal votes of 81 million plus Americans . He wasn’t about inclusion when he tried to overthrow constitution and country for the sake of a political party. That’s as anti-American as it gets. He doesn’t belong on a show that is about inclusion, fun, unity, and lifting each other up. Shame on Masked Singer. Well done Ken! I am no longer a fan on Masked Singer. And I’m now a fan of Ken. Well done , sir. Ken is a true American. Unlike Guiliani and anyone that makes excuses for him and supports him.

  5. That unprofessional stunt went against everything that show was supposed to stand for. Inclusion, entertainment, and fun. Not some worthless, disrespectful political stunt. Leave your political views at the door, Ken! A true role model on a family friendly show should be able to show restraint and respect no matter your personal views. I don’t believe you deserve to be on the show anymore. You should be replaced.

  6. I’ve never had respect for Ken anyways. Very unprofessional. I’ll never watch again. There’s been ppl on the show that I don’t like but I still watched , until the “ ass hat “ who thinks he’s funny w/ his ridiculous guesses and dry jokes , decided to put his personal feelings above the show and it’s viewers. We watch to be entertained. To get a break from this crazy world right now . Instead it’s everywhere we go , everything we watch . I stopped watching DWTS when Tom acted like a cry baby over Sean Spicer being on “ his” show . It sucks because this was a fun show in the beginning..

  7. Last I checked, presumption of Innocence is still a legal principle afforded ALL accused citizens. What they say on big network news, Facebook, or Twitter, has absolutely no bearing. Giuliani was the best Mayor New York had seen in a long time when he served. He was praised for cleaning up the streets and making it safe to walk through Central Park again. And for you youngsters who learn all you know on social media, he was called America’s Mayor and named Person of the Year in Time magazine for the way he took care of the city after 9-11. At the time of Ken Jeong’s temper tantrum, Rudy was accused of wrong doing, not convicted. At that point, there was nothing to be upset about because Rudy hadn’t been tried and convicted, proving that Ken’s tirade was purely political. Ken could have appreciated the good things Rudy did for New York city, but he chose to show the depth of his intolerance for anyone who shares an opposing political bent and I find that disgusting.

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