‘The Masked Singer’ Winner Has Fans In Uproar Over ‘Hissyfit’ Behavior?

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It was a controversial season for The Masked Singer. Yet, it always kept the panelists and viewers guessing and on their toes. Last night, the winner was revealed yet has it left a bad taste in some fans’ mouths?

The Masked Singer’s Final Three

As the show came down to the wire, there were just three competitors left standing. After six seasons, it had been anybody’s game. Now, the seventh season finale had finally arrived, and may the best performer win. Left standing were the Ringmaster, Firefly, and The Prince on Wednesday night’s season finale episode, according to E!. The Prince had a handful of really great clues including Ryan Murphy, Broadway, and a Glee Club pin. Firefly had a series of numbers for clues with the number “7” as the standout. The Ringmaster performed with clues including a photo of Simon Cowell, a horse, a mouse, and a gold chain with the number “80.”


Having Simon could be a few competitive shows so this made it more difficult. Plus, those clues were a lot to unpack. The first person to get eliminated was The Prince aka Cheyenne Jackson who has been a Ryan Murphy standout. He also currently appears on Call Me Kat. Finally, the Ringmaster and Firefly went toe to toe with both delivering stellar performances. However, the Firefly won it all but first, everyone needed to know who the Ringmaster was. It turned out to be Hayley Orrantia who appeared on The X Factor. As for the winner, it was unveiled to be Teyana Taylor. Yet, are fans upset over her less than stellar diva-like behavior?

Not The Best Look For A Winner?

After The Masked Singer was revealed, fans were less than enthused that Teyana had taken home the trophy. It all circled back to a fit she had early on in the competition, per Meaww. When the first round happened and she ended up at the bottom, Teyana did not just grin and bear it. Rather, she stormed off of the stage and viewers have not forgotten that moment. They immediately took to Twitter to express their frustration: “I’m sorry y’all but Firefly did not deserve that win #TheMaskedSinger.” Another added: “Kinda sucks Firefly won. She’s been a terrible sport all season. #maskedsinger #themaskedsinger.”


Over at Facebook, the same sentiments were echoed. “Well I am not impressed. I mean she was good but, in my opinion, Firefly did not deserve to win. Especially after her his fit.” That was followed up with: “I would agree after her walk off my vote went somewhere else.” It seems that she was appreciated for her singing, that is clear. Yet Teyana’s sportsmanship is extremely questionable and has left viewers scratching their heads.

Do you think the right person won? Let us know in the comments.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. Firefly should not have won masked singer. When she stormed off in the beginning because she thought she lost. That was it for me. Ms Diva. Should have gone first the next time she was on.

  2. Firefly was a whiney drama queen who did not deserve to win. Prince and ringmaster were better performers.

  3. I think it is the stupidest show I’ve ever glanced at. Having what looks like team mascots with non-expressive faces is just a bore. I found the panel to be insipid and corny. Ugh

  4. Firefly should have been voted off after her fit at being at the bottom, such a poor sport. Even though they unmasked her, have no idea who she is, never heard of her. I think Ringmaster should have won, she was much better and more gracious.

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