‘Sister Wives’ Fans Furious At Kody Brown: ‘How Dare He Do This’

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Sister Wives fans are furious with Kody Brown which is honestly nothing new. He has a tendency to consistently rub viewers the wrong way. Then, he does it again the following week. Even when the show is not airing, people can rewatch old episodes and find new reasons to dislike the father of eighteen. This time, fans rewatched Season 1, Episode 1 of the show and they are further seeing just what an asset one wife really has been. Now, their anger toward Kody is coming out even more. So, what did they have to say and what wife are they defending? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Furious At Kody Brown For Disregarding Christine

Christine was a major player in the Brown family. She took care of the children, mainly hers and Janelle’s, as the latter had a full-time job. Christine even noted that if anyone claimed that another sister wife’s kids were not hers, she would vehemently disagree. She loved them completely as her own. This was magnified a lot in the series premiere. Now, with Kody and Christine getting divorced, fans are going back and rewatching the show from the beginning.

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This is only helping to reiterate what an asset Christine has always been to the family. Due to this, the fans took to Reddit to express their feelings. After showing a clip from the first episode, the thread started like this: “How dare Kody downplay her dedication to the family?” A Redditor was quick to note that Christine should have thrived in polygamy with the way she behaved. That was the reflection of how horrid Kody was to viewers.

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Another added: “Christine was and is the perfect sister wife, she just didn’t have a good man in the long run to share this with. I hope she finds someone who is good to her and sees her worth.” Someone believed that Robyn really just wanted to be Christine. Others were quick to see how different the smiles and faces were in the premiere. The long and short of it was how awful Kody really is as a husband.

Glowing Again

One thing that was acknowledged was how amazing Christine looks since she left the family and Kody Brown. “I just want to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the absolute GLOW UP my good sis Christine has had!!” one Redditor noted. It’s been a common theme that she is glowing all of the time now that she is back and Utah and living life on her own terms. Kody had mentioned his one regret was that they dragged the marriage out for so long. However, he also has moments of utter despair and heartbreak because he sees a new side of Christine. Finally seeing her worth and how valuable she always was to the family.

Do you understand why fans are furious with Kody Brown? Did he let an amazing thing slip through his fingers? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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