Christine Brown Slays In Checkered Skirt & Leather Jacket

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC

Christine Brown is arguably one of the most popular cast members of Sister Wives. Viewers really appreciate how she is willing to break free from an oppressive religious system and pursue her own happiness instead.

It’s been well over a year since Christine officially decided to leave the Brown family. Today, she and Truely are happily living in Utah near Christine’s adult children. She sells Plexus products to support herself and her daughter. Fans aren’t crazy about the fact that she sells MLM products, but are happy that she seems to be doing well as a single mom.

In fact, Christine appears to be doing exceptionally well these days. The mother of six uploaded a video to her Instagram page encouraging her followers to purchase her Plexus products. But her outfit and style really captured the attention of her audience members. Keep reading to see for yourself!

Christine Brown wows fans in her adorable fall outfit

Christine may be a mother of six children, but she’s never too busy to choose a stylish outfit.

Christine Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Christine Brown/TLC

When Janelle and Christine Brown sell Plexus products on their Instagram pages, they routinely turn the comments off. Plexus and other MLM companies have inherently problematic business models and many fans are really unhappy with the fact the women engage with them. However, Christine left the comments open on her latest video.

Fans were completely blown away by how happy and healthy the TLC star appeared in the video.

Happiness looks good on you, Christine!” one fan wrote in the comment section.

“You look so so so so great!! 💕” someone else added.

While fans note that Christine Brown has lost weight over the years, several have joked that her most recent weight loss is the most significant. She dropped all of Kody’s “dead weight.” Now that Christine has officially left Kody behind, fans can’t help but notice that she practically glows in all her photos and videos. Fans agree that she really did make the right decision for herself and for her children.

What’s coming up next on Sister Wives for the Brown family?

For quite some time, fans knew that Season 17 would center around Christine’s departure from the family. In clips released from TLC, it seems like Christine is finally about to leave onscreen. She and Truely have packed up their belongings and she sold the bedroom set she shared with Kody. It seems as if she’s finally ready to leave all that toxic energy in the past so she can start over.

Tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time this Sunday night to see what happens next on Sister Wives. Follow TV Shows Ace online for more news on Christine and your other favorite reality TV stars.

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  1. This is for Kody he needs to get off his soapbox. He is blaming everything that has happened with all his wives on them he is not taking any responsibility at all I would have left him a long time ago does he not see how he does choose one or two over the others he don’t even spend any time with most of them and I know that Mari done wrong but he is so mean to her and that just says he does not love her he don’t want nothing to do with her he don’t want to be around her but she is still hanging on I feel bad for her I think Janelle is the one that will put him in his place she seems to be someone that don’t take anything off of anyone. The way he come at Christine and saying all that stuff to Robyn that just does not make any sense whatsoever why did he be so mean and try to turn Robyn against Christine even more by telling her that Christine hates her but you know part of that could be his fault he’s the one that puts the dividers he’s the one that spends most time one place and not much at another he needs to stop and reflect maybe stop and talk to this God that he talks about and by the way I do believe in God I’m just not sure he believes in the right one but who am I to judge

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