‘Sister Wives’ Fans Call For Janelle & Christine Brown Spin-Off

Christine and Janelle Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives

Kody Brown may not be a popular part of the Sister Wives cast. But viewers can’t get enough of Janelle and Christine. Fans really appreciate the comradery and special bond the women share. They also love how the women stand up to Kody and refuse to be part of his selfish games. In reality, many Sister Wives fans keep watching to see what Janelle and Christine will do next.

When Christine left the family, TLC offered her a little cooking section spin-off. Could they possibly launch a Sister Wives spin-off featuring the adventures of Janelle and Christine?

Is there a new Sister Wives spin-off in the works at TLC?

Christine Brown doesn’t have much interest in being part of the Brown family any longer. However, she made it clear that she and Janelle would continue to foster their friendship. The pair have been seen on exciting outings together and even help each other sell Plexus products.

TLC gave Christine her own cooking show, Cooking With Just Christine. But would they ever offer her a new spin-off featuring her adventures with Janelle?

Christine and Janelle Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives
Janelle & Christine Brown/Instagram

“Will Christine and Janelle get their own show??” one Redditor asked on the Sister Wives Reddit thread this week. “I really hope so. I think that would be far more entertaining simply bc I won’t have to hate watch ot,and the only clips they show of Kody will be very unflattering 😂🤣 and all the kids (except maddie)will be on their show instead of Kodys.”

A few Redditors didn’t think it would be possible since Christine lives in Utah and Janelle lives in Flagstaff. However, they held on to nuggets of hope that there might be more adventures for the two friends.

“I hope Janelle and Christine do. They’re the only ones I want to hear about. But you know there would be major drama. Because this is the kody and Robin show,” another Redditor suggested. “Like what kind of Tantrums would Cody and Robin throw if their show got canceled and they made a new show that was specifically about Christine and Janelle.”

Christine and Janelle Brown from Instagram, Sister Wives
Janelle & Christine Brown/Instagram

Kody Brown definitely does seem to become irked when any of his wives get more attention than he does. And Sister Wives fans have made it abundantly clear that they love Christine and Janelle.

What do you think might happen here? Be sure to leave your own ideas in the comments.

The show continues tonight at 10 PM eastern time

It may be some time before Christine and Janelle ever get their own spin-off. But fans have made one thing very clear — they’re sick of Kody Brown. In another thread, some Redditors even called for TLC to cancel the show over Kody’s abusive behavior.

But since the show brings in so much money, that doesn’t seem likely any time soon.

There will be a new episode of Sister Wives out tonight at 10 PM eastern time on TLC. Don’t miss out!

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