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‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Calls Robyn Out For Being ‘Ugly’?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown has taken to her social media, referring to the act of gossiping. The LuLaRoe retailer recently shared a post in her Instagram stories about it being “ugly.” This posting could very well be directed at her sister wife, Robyn. Though they were thick as thieves a few episodes ago, the two caught major heat. Viewers felt it was unfair and cruel of them to be talking behind Christine’s back about her leaving the family. They deemed it mean girl-ish and rude. Now, the timing seems questionable for Meri’s post about talking down on people to appear.

Is Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Calling Out Robyn For ‘Ugly’ Behavior?

In the latest episode, Meri introduced her new B&B manager, Jenn. She also happens to be a longtime close friend of Meri’s, someone Kody actually thinks is good for his wife. He shared that her relationships within the family are so strained that she needs an outlet away from the home. Meri acknowledged that Jenn is her best friend but that someone cannot be a BFF and sister wife. She then jokingly apologized to Robyn.

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Yet, just a few episodes back, Meri and Robyn engaged in a lot of gossiping that was not nice at all. They were talking about Christine and her exit from the family. More so, they talked about how hurt they felt and Robyn was talking about private issues that Christine and Kody had been going through. Fans took to Reddit to share how awful they thought the sister wives were being: “This was the most selfish and appalling conversation I have ever heard on this show. These two should be ashamed of themselves,” one person said.

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Maybe this resonated with Meri as she posted this to her Instagram: “TALKING POORLY OF OTHERS IS UGLY. REMEMBER, YOU’RE TOO HOT FOR THAT.” She added a giant “YES” on the bottom. Either she realized the error of her ways and wanted to remind Robyn of this or she might have been calling out Christine. While Christine and Kody were talking about their own marriage in the past, Christine said she never wants what he and Meri have.

Is Kody The Target?

It is no secret that Meri Brown has no relationship with her husband, Kody. He has even noted that if she wanted to leave and be with another man, he would not stop her. However, something is keeping her by his side though many fans have no idea exactly what it is. This quote could be aimed right at Kody who has no problem talking badly about his wives. He has openly said he was not attracted to Christine. Plus, despite all of her hopes and efforts, he has said he feels nothing for Meri. Therefore, this could be a snub and a compliment toward her husband.

Do you think Meri Brown is calling out Robyn after their little bash fest that went wrong? Or is it directed at someone else? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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