‘Sister Wives’ Why Are Fans Disgusted With Meri Brown?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s relationship with Kody Brown had a major shakeup after Robyn joined the family. Although their relationship has faced more ups and downs as compared to Christine, she doesn’t seem to let go. The two haven’t been intimate or lived together for years. However, in the latest episode, she tried to explain why she is holier than thou regarding Christine’s decision. Now, fans are done with her disgusting behavior. Keep reading to find out the details!

Meri Brown Feels Betrayed By Christine’s Decision

On Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, Christine calls the family to gather and share the news that she is moving to Utah in a week. However, Meri, in her confessional makes it clear that she is very upset by Christine’s decision.

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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She explains, “I still have a lot of emotions about this whole situation. I feel angry and I feel a little betrayed and I feel like I understand where she’s coming from. And I also know that anger is a secondary emotion. I’m hurt. I’m hurt that she doesn’t see value enough in our family.”

Is Meri Brown Jealous Of Christine?

Meri further elaborates that she is at a loss for words and doesn’t know how to react to this declaration by Christine. She insists, “I don’t feel jealous of Christine because she’s leaving and I can’t because I can. I can do whatever I want.”

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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The 51-year-old explained that she chooses not to leave Kody despite the fact that they have an estranged marriage. She said that her strength is in sticking around and seeing if Kody would be willing to work on a relationship. So, she wishes to leave the door open and isn’t pining away for it.

Fans, irked at Meri’s reaction to Christine’s news, took to Reddit to share their opinions. The OP wrote, “Meri needs to STFU.”

Meri Brown Sister Wives YouTube

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“I’ve always liked Meri and felt somewhat sorry for her these last few seasons, but she pissed me off this last episode (so did Snobyn but that’s to be expected…). Just because SHE chooses to suffer in a loveless relationship and be isolated doesn’t mean anyone else has to,” they added.

Sister Wives Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

The OP further explained how they are proud of Christine for leaving and how supportive Janelle is of her decision.

Would Meri Have Left Kody If Her Catfish Was A Real Guy?

Another Reddit user talked about Meri’s catfish incident stating, “I am just now watching the catfish fallout episode and comparing her expectations then and now. You’d think compassion would be the least she can offer Christine. “

A third claimed that Meri would have left Kody long back if her catfish was a real guy.

Kody Brown Meri Brown YouTube Sister Wives

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Do you think Meri’s statements are simply knee-jerk reactions? Or is she really unsupportive of Christine? Sound off in the comments and do not forget to check back with TV Shows Ace for more on Sister Wives. Plus watch the show Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I believe Kody Brown and Robyn are the ones we, and the other wives ,are the ones fans should be disgusted with. Christine is the only sensible one there. Kody makes me think of a entitled, spoiled child throwing continuous temper tantrums. He rarely cares about his children, and is often unkind to them, and to the other 3 wives.

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