Janelle Brown Argues Kody Only Sees Family With Robyn’s Eyes

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Janelle Brown knows Kody sees things through his favorite wife’s eyes. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody and the wives are outside talking about Christine moving. She reveals that she has sold her home and that she will be moving to Utah in a week. Suddenly, the demise of their marriage comes up. Do they need a divorce and what about the children? He then notes that he wishes they had not dragged their marriage out for so long. To that, Janelle argues that they have raised amazing kids together who love one another. She calls it a “cohesive” unit but Kody completely disagrees. That is when Janelle argues that he is only seeing things through Robyn’s “myopic” lens.

Janelle Brown Argues That Kody Sees Things Via Robyn’s Lens

Robyn has wanted the family to stay together for her two youngest children, Sol and Ari. She wants them to have the same experience that her older three had in a plural family. Unless there are more kids coming, this will not happen. When Janelle says that she loves how close their children are, Kody disagrees. He thinks that Meri’s child, Leon has drifted away as well as Christine’s son, Paedon. There are three of Janelle’s kids who are close to three of Christine’s.

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As far as Robyn’s five kids, it seems that they may be more of the outcasts and have been slighted. That is when Janelle argues that Kody only sees the family through Robyn’s eyes. She adds that she has watched the entire family on holidays and all of the siblings are just fine together. Therefore, she has no idea where Kody comes up with this stuff. Rather, she does not understand why Kody and Robyn view it as the kids being shunned.

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Kody then says that he, Robyn, and their kids are always connecting. He is always involved with them. That is not how it is in the slightest with Christine and Janelle. Yet, he needs to rewind the tape and see what a cohesive unit he had when Christine got Robyn’s girls to perform with her at Ysabel’s graduation/birthday party. Everyone was elated to be together but he sat there miserable and alone.

Broken Family?

Janelle Brown’s son, Logan recently got married. She and Christine were in attendance along with their children and they all had a great night. Kody was also there seated with Robyn and people felt that the placement was odd as he was the father of the groom. However, everyone is just moving forward with their lives as best that they can. Meri spends a lot of time traveling with LuLaRoe and at her B&B. Janelle is happily off doing her Plexus business with Christine who is loving Utah. Finally, Kody has Robyn which is what he wanted all along. Now, if they are cohesive anymore, if they can “rebuild” as Robyn wants them to, that is questionable.

Do you think Janelle Brown’s argument about the way Kody views the family holds any weight? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


Amanda Lauren


  1. I think Robyn has ruined a second family. she supposedly got rid of hubby #1 because he didn’t want to take another wife and now she’s run off 2 to 3 sister wives with Hubby #2. maybe one day kody will realize that things, for him, are not greener on the other side.
    tlc really aught to put of an emotional trigger warning before it airs anymore sisterwives episodes in the future.

  2. Janelle is spot on, Robin is the ONLY wife Cody listens to or pays attention to, Why? Because Robin lets him be boss, hangs on his every word and leads him around by the nose,
    Meri is history, she strayed once a bit and wounded his pride! OH No!
    Janelle is her own person, she doesn’t need Cody to validate her and who she is. She believes in the principal of plural marriage ( I think) But even she might want out soon.
    Christine was never able to accept sharing him, She was jealous and got hurt when he would spend time with other wives, ( I always felt bad for her as i think plural marriage is cruel to the women involved, I would be the same)
    Cody should do the honorable thing and set both Meri and Janelle loose and live happily ever after with Robin, Just my humble opinion

  3. Robin controls Kidy like a kid. He wants to control His other wife’s except for Robin. Robin’s kids are spoiled brats who thinks they are better than the other kids. Kody doesn’t put down on Robin’s kids like he does too the other children. I can’t stand Kidy he is a jerk.

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