Why Janelle Brown Was Left Out Of Robyn’s Rebuild Convo?

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Janelle Brown has been busy trying to make the best out of her new RV life. She has admitted that it is a struggle, especially for her teenage daughter, Savanah. However, they both have been making the best of a rough situation. To make matters worse, Kody hates being over at the RV and does not want to leave his stuff there. Even Robyn and her daughter, Aurora had nothing but snark about the living arrangements. It seemed more fitting for a dog in their minds. So, was the dissension between Robyn and Janelle the reason the latter was excluded from the familial rebuilding conversation?

Why Janelle Brown Was Left Out Of Robyn’s Rebuilding Convo?

Janelle Brown was visibly not a part of Robyn and Meri’s rebuilding conversation. The two ladies sat and talked about how the family was falling apart with the departure of Christine. Mainly how it was affecting them and how hurt they were. Despite this, Christine revealed that neither of them had even contacted her to hear her side. Only Janelle had reached out as the two sister wives are extremely close. Janelle has always given Christine credit for helping raise her children who she is still very involved.

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Fans took to Reddit to point out that Janelle was not a part of Robyn’s conversation with Meri. She practically begged Meri to hang on and rebuild with her. Yet, she also said Meri could leave at any time. Where was Janelle? “Also not quite sure why Janelle was excluded from their conversation about rebuilding. Robyn says she wants sister wives but doesn’t bother to have a relationship with Janelle who’s Kodys other wife (for now lol),” one Redditor wanted to know.

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Another added: “Funny enough, last season Sobyn reached out to Janelle to try and work on their relationship and Janelle basically snubbed her. Janelle can’t be bothered to put up with her fake crying know it all bullsh*t.” Someone said they felt Meri was easier to manipulate thus the exclusion of Janelle. Plus, Janelle would probably defend Christine’s actions and Robyn would not care for that at all.

Should All Of The Wives Care?

In reality, Janelle Brown may be married to Kody but she lives her own life. Along with Christine, the two are very successful with their MLM. It has allowed them to travel quite frequently. Plus, she loves to go to North Carolina to see her daughter Maddie and her two grandkids. Meri is not even around as much as she is often on vacation with her LuLaRoe squad. Or she can be found in Parowan, Utah at her B&B. This means that Robyn is left to make the best out of it on her own. In the end, she and Janelle are the only ones who actually care about Coyote Pass or so it seems.

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  1. Sobyn hates having to take care of num but all of the time, but she made her bed, now lay in it. I know it chaps her —- to have to share the money. She doesn’t work and she is worried about the cash flow drying up mostly

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