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Janelle Brown Hints At Leaving Kody On Instagram?

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Janelle Brown walks away from Kody during a heated discussion this season on Sister Wives. And, Kody Brown boldly tells Janelle they haven’t really acted like a married couple in all the time they’ve been together. Many Sister Wives fans are now speculating Janelle may be the next wife out the door. Some fans, however, ponder if Janelle may have already left Kody.

Perceptive and eagle-eyed Sister Wives fans believe there was a deeper, cryptic meaning behind something Janelle posted on Instagram recently. Was she actually hinting that she had finally worked up the nerve to leave Kody? Why do fans think that might’ve been what she was saying without really saying it on Instagram? Keep reading to see Janelle’s Instagram post and see if you think that might’ve been what she was trying to say.

Janelle Brown from Instagram

Did Janelle Brown just hint at leaving Kody?

It was a little less than a week ago that Janelle posted something on Instagram that has fans thinking she was actually hinting at leaving Kody. The post featured Janelle holding up a coffee cup toward the camera while flashing a huge smile as if she was saying “cheers” to her followers. In the caption, Janelle discussed finding her nerve, facing her fears, and life lessons. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if she was finding the nerve to leave Kody.

Sometimes you are afraid of something but when it happens you find out you really are capable enough to adapt and deal. Maybe there is a life lesson in that!”

Many of her followers responded to the post by thanking her before sharing their own stories they felt connected to doing something they were once afraid to do.

One fan wrote: To The life lesson you mentioned…fear is worse than the actual event sometimes.”

Janelle responded to the comment with a glass-clinking emoji.

On Reddit, fans of Sister Wives shared screenshots of the post and speculated she was hinting at working up the nerve to leave Kody. A few, however, recognized they could just be reading too much into her post.

Check out her Instagram post that got fans talking down below and see if you think she had a cryptic, hidden message in it:


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Do you think Janelle Brown could be the next one to follow Christine out the door? Or, is Janelle happy with the relationship she currently has with Kody? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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