How Ysabel Brown Will Benefit From Living With Maddie & Caleb

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Ysabel Brown has openly admitted she will learn a lot from her sister, Maddie Brush. Living in North Carolina with Maddie and her husband, Caleb will be amazing for the teen. The two have always been super close. Sister wives Janelle and Christine Brown’s children have always had great relationships. The same goes for the wives themselves. In the latest episode, Ysabel opened up as to how she will benefit from living with Maddie and Caleb.

Ysabel Brown Will Benefit From Living With Maddie & Caleb, How?

As Ysabel has been watching her parents’ marriage crumble, she needs a couple to look up to. Last week, she talked about moving to North Carolina for college. She explained that living with her sister Maddie and her family would be a great change. It was vital that she saw a couple that was highly functioning and truly in love. Maddie’s mother, Janelle even seconded that. She added that Ysabel has not had the best example when it came to Kody and Christine.

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Yet, Maddie and Caleb are monogamous and he worships her. This is just what Ysabel needs to understand what a real marriage is. As Christine, Truely, and Ysabel arrived in North Carolina in the latest episode of Sister Wives, Ysabel reiterated the benefits of living with the Brush family. She knew that they were just a happy couple who had their relationship in order. This was something she knew would teach her a lot about a functioning marriage. Her parents have been falling apart for way too long and she needs good role models.

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It also helps that Ysabel gets along extremely well with her niece and nephew, Evie and Axel. There is an extremely positive familial atmosphere that Ysabel will be walking into and that also makes the transition easier. More so, her sister made sure to have a room all set up for her arrival so it already feels like home. What more could she possibly want?

Living Her Best New Life

Ysabel Brown appears to have adjusted quite well to her new home in North Carolina which is not so new anymore. She is now in her second year of college and is still thriving with Maddie and Caleb. What’s more exciting is she is there as they prepare to welcome a new member into the family. The couple announced that they are expecting their third child, a girl, come February 2023. During this very strange period in the Brown family, it is great that Ysabel had a big sister to lean on and look up to.

Do you think Ysabel Brown can learn a lot from Maddie and Caleb? Finally, are you happy that she has found peace in North Carolina? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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