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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares What Drives Her Crazy

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown definitely has a lot to be aggravated about these days. As Season 17 continues, fans are watching her explosive split with Kody play out. But it seems that’s not the only thing driving her nuts.

Keep in mind that Season 17 is about a year and a half behind the present day. Christine may be far away from Kody Brown now, but she still has her share of annoyances. What’s getting under her skin at the present moment?

Christine Brown has a lot on her plate these days

Fans that have been keeping up with Christine Brown on Sister Wives know that she’s fed up with her ex. To make matter worse, her former sister wives Meri and Robyn keep making catty remarks about the whole situation.

Although things may be a little bleak onscreen right now, fans know that they’re about to watch Christine move back to Utah and be near her family. Things are going to turn out all right in the end.

Christine Brown, Aspyn Thompson, Ysabel Brown, Gwendlyn Brown, and Truely Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine couldn’t be happier to be back in Utah surrounded by family. However, it doesn’t seem like she’s all that thrilled about the impending winter season.

“Some days I am just in the car running errands all day!! Literally ‘drives’ me crazy! #toomanyerrands #beforeitsnows #snowiscoming #driving #drivingallday” the TLC star captioned her Instagram post.

Christine Brown from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

“Christine, you look so happy and glowing too. It’s like all this weight has been lifted from you! I am so happy & proud of you for being so strong.. May God continue to bless you always!!!❤️❤️” one fan wrote in the comments section.

“Can I just say how proud of you I am! I’m watching episode 8 now and I’m smiling from ear to ear! Go girl! Your amazing and have always been my fave ❤️” another added.

The good news is that the bad weather seems to be the most of Christine’s worries at the moment. She’s finally happy and thriving now that she’s far away from Kody.

Do you also think Christine glows these days? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

The TLC star prepares to make her big move onscreen

Last week on Sister Wives, fans saw Christine preparing to put her house on the market and move back to Utah. That also meant she had to choose what belongings to keep and what to sell. Much to Kody’s surprise, she opted to sell their bedroom set. After so many years of painful memories, she just couldn’t bear to keep it any longer. And fans really didn’t blame her.

Tune in and see what happens next on Sister Wives this Sunday night. There will be a new episode out on TLC starting at 10 PM eastern time, so don’t forget to watch!

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  1. Way to go Christine from sister wife’s!! We all see the chatty remarks from robbin and meri !! Meri is just jealous u had the guts to do it.She should of done it herself years ago when Katy did it to her.And robbin acts like she’s so innocent. From a fans point of view only one he cares about is robbin we been seeing since robbin came and joined the other 3

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