The Truth Behind Meri & Christine Brown’s Animosity Goes Deeper

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown has had a lovely relationship with Janelle Brown. However, her dynamic with Meri Brown isn’t as ‘merry.’ While the duo has been through a lot of ups and downs, they once shared a close-knit relationship. They bickered and argued, yet the friendship prevailed. At least that is what the viewers saw on the show. However, in the latest season, their resentment toward one another is quite evident.

Meri Brown Was The Top Dog In The Polygamy Arrangement

So, why is it that Meri and Christine don’t gel well? Does it have something to do with Kody? Or is the underlying reason something deeper? Keep reading to find out the details!

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Although Christine and Meri acted like friends in the early seasons of the TLC show, the envy between them was clear as day. First off, Christine had always been someone who sought Kody’s attention. However, Meri was his legal spouse before Robyn which made her the top dog in their plural marriage.

Meri was seen being territorial and controlling even with Christine’s kids. This is why the older kids in the Brown family aren’t on good terms with Meri.

Reddit Fans Discuss An Excerpt From The Sister Wives Book

Discussing this deep-rooted feud, a fan took to the Reddit forum and shared a chapter from the book Becoming Sister Wives: The Story Of An Unconventional Marriage.

The excerpt was from Christine’s chapter that explained her stance on the family. It read, “There was another factor that led to this drastic reconfiguration of my place in the household. About a year before I became pregnant with Truely, I had a devastating argument with Meri. For a while, I’d been feeling that she was too tough on my kids.”

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“While I understand that all children need discipline, I often felt that she went too far when it came to my children. It seemed to me that she was taking her frustrations out on my kids in particular. As a result of this, many of them were wary of her and were afraid to cross her accidentally,” they continued.

Was Meri Brown Too Harsh On Christine Brown’s Children?

In the book, Christine also explained that she let the situation go on for too long and let her emotions well up. As opposed to talking to Meri and explaining what was wrong, she chose to harbor her thoughts that induced bitterness between them.

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Another Reddit user agreed, “So much shit could have been avoided just by putting a door between Christine’s apartment and the basement portion of Janelle’s apartment. Kids could flow in and out sans outside stairs or Meri’s apartment.”

“Meri was raised in the church and a generation where corporal punishment was ubiquitous. Even now in their church, almost all families punish their children physically. I’m sure Meri was too aggressive with spanking for Christine’s preferences,” wrote a third user.

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As long as Robyn wasn’t a part of their family, Meri enjoyed the role of the enforcer. This might be one of the reasons that caused the fallout between her and Christine.

Do you think this is the reason Meri and Christine aren’t on good terms? Share your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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