Do ‘Sister Wives’ Christine & Meri Brown Have Bad Blood?

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Sister Wives fans have been tuning in for drama upon more drama between Kody Brown and his wives. Christine decided to take her life back by leaving Kody left even more strain on the plural family. There has always been some tension but now that Christine is gone is there bad blood between Meri and Christine? Will Christine remain in contact with her now ex Sister Wives?

Do Sister Wives Christine and Meri have bad blood?

A fan on Reddit posed the question asking if others felt that perhaps Christine Brown blames Meri Brown in some way for bringing Robyn into their family. Many fans stepped up to comment their thoughts and they all seem to be in agreement.

Most fans think that the plural family would have fallen apart even without Robyn being added to the mix. One fan noted Robyn joining the family simply accelerated the process. Still, others feel that Kody is the only one to blame for his marriages falling apart.

Many fans also feel that Christine has dealt with her feelings and is just focused on making her own life better. So, there may be bad blood but fans do not think it’s really because Meri brought Robyn into the family.

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Where do they stand?

Christine has made it clear that she really doesn’t want a lot to do with Meri and Robyn Brown. There have always been difficulties with Meri and Christine being able to get along. Now that they are no longer Sister Wives, Christine doesn’t feel any obligation to remain close.

She said, “I won’t be close with Meri anymore, not really. We’re just very different and so I won’t be really having that much to do with Meri so much.” Christine also said she wishes the best for Meri but she doesn’t see a friendship between them going forward.

As for Meri, she has said she feels betrayed by Christine leaving the family.

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As for Robyn, things remain unchanged and their relationship is strained. They are also not in contact very much. They did see each other at a family function and Christine noted it was very awkward.

Janelle remains the only former wife that is close to Christine. They have stuck by each other’s sides for years and that will not change. Many wonder if Janelle will soon follow Christine’s path and leave Kody for good.

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Christine is happy with her life now and is even talking about getting back into the dating world slowly. She noted she wants nothing serious at the moment. However, somewhere down the road, she would like to try marriage again but this time monogamous.

What do you think about Christine and Meri having bad blood?



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