Is Christine Brown Perfect And Faultless Or A Gaslighter?

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Sister Wives stars Kody and Christine Brown were married for nearly three decades. However, ever since Robyn Brown entered the family dynamics, things changed, and not for good. After Christine decided not to be a part of the plural marriage, the Brown family patriarch has been seen laying the blame on her. Fans have seen Kody ranting that their relationship went sore because of Christine. Although fans don’t agree with Kody, is Christine really as righteous as she has been portrayed in the latest season? Keep reading to find out the details!

Has Christine Brown Forgotten What She Signed Up For?

Time and again Kody has shifted the blame to Christine stating that she clearly forgot what she signed up for when she agreed to the plural marriage arrangement. His statement suggested that Christine’s unhappiness was unwarranted because such relationships require a lot of sacrifices. However, Christine objected to these complaints. She stated she has sacrificed a lot and felt betrayed due to Kody’s clear favoritism towards Robyn and her kids.

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With the latest season, the makers have been very upfront in highlighting Kody’s contradictory statement about Christine. On Reddit, fans appreciated the editors as the OP wrote, “I’d like to give a shout-out to whoever is editing this season.”

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“The extremely unflattering photos they used in the intro sequence. Showing Kody make ridiculous claims about ‘gaslighting’ and Christine, then showing very sincere moments between other family members that contradict those claims. Showing what a weird, Qanon/red pill/incel Kody has become, and his hypocrisy regarding COVID,” they continued.

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The OP further explained how the crew clearly sees what the fans are seeing. They even dubbed Kody an ‘egomaniac’ whose fragile little world is crumbling at the feet of a strong woman named Christine.

Reddit Fans Rip Kody Brown Acting Innocent And Virtuous

This season, TLC isn’t creating any false narratives and showing Kody as he is.

Agreeing with the OP, another user wrote,

“My favorite was when Kody says he doesn’t want to talk to Truely since she’s only 10, and Christine says, ‘well, 11’.”

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“My favorite editing moment so far this season was when it went from a talking head of Kody saying he doesn’t know why Ysabel seems so mad at him to the clip of him refusing to go to her surgery. Like, hmmm, wonder why she might be mad!” quipped a third user.

A fourth wrote, “At this point, I’m a little mystified at why they haven’t caught any footage of Kody in his tin hat.”

Is Kody Brown Blinded By Robyn’s Unhealthy Devotion?

Kody always complains about Christine gaslighting him. However, he is clearly the one who is blinded by Robyn’s unhealthy devotion toward him. Fans are glad this season isn’t glorifying Kody but highlighting the irony in his behavior.

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Do you think Christine is gaslighting Kody? Or is it the other way around? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Allie Johnson


  1. I once asked, “Are the problems due to Cody or Polygamy?” I can now give the answer. It is Cody, and his obsession to control his wives (patriarchy obsessive compulsive syndrome). I can’t stand him. Christine is a great mother, Cody is jealous of her relationship with the kids. He is intolerant jerk.

  2. Doesn’t Kody ever look at back @ his comments when they are aried? He is unbelievable !! It’s never his fault that the older kids are mad at him. He behaves like a spoiled child !

  3. I think Kody is a jerk as commented before nothing is his fault!! Saying that the older kids dont need him the younger ones do!! That is so wrong!! And to spend all his time when covid was happening with just Robyn why not others too!! He could have tested then lived with other wife for say a month! Isn’t it called narcissism?

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