‘Sister Wives’ How Did Christine Brown Break Kody’s Trust?

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Sister Wives fans are wondering what Christine Brown did to break Kody’s trust. Already this season, Kody has mentioned that he no longer trusts her. But what happened that got them to this point? Fans are attempting to figure out what Christine ever did because some viewers believe that his comments don’t quite add up. Keep reading for all of the details.

Sister Wives fans speculate why Kody doesn’t trust Christine.

Sister Wives viewers know that much of this season has revolved around Christine’s decision to leave Kody, which has also involved Meri, Janelle, and Robyn. On Reddit, one fan pointed out that Kody keeps talking about not being able to trust Christine. But from what viewers have seen on the show, Christine hasn’t necessarily done anything to break his trust.

In the post, the fan acknowledged the fact that Christine has stayed very calm, despite the emotional nature of the situation. However, Kody has had the opposite reaction. He’s been all fired up over her decision to leave.

Sister Wives, Christine Brown, YouTube

Some Sister Wives fans thought that this was just Kody being defensive in a tense situation. Another said, “Because he’s a narcissist that thinks that anybody who doesn’t think the same way he does or agree with him is ‘betraying his trust’  when in reality they are just an individual that has their own thought and opinions.”

One Sister Wives fan described Kody as “shifty and dishonest.” Then, the fan claimed that Kody is projecting his own personality traits on Christine, and that’s why he feels he can’t trust her.

Was Kody Brown blindsided by Christine’s decision to leave?

Another Sister Wives fan weighed in and said this seems like a “typical” reaction to a divorce. They wrote, “When you’re blind-sided by the end of a relationship, you can’t trust the other person because they just hurt your feelings and disrupted your life.”

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Ultimately, fans don’t know the full story about what’s going on with Christine and Kody. It’s unclear what has caused the lack of trust these days. It’s possible that he’s totally blindsided by her leaving him. Or maybe something else happened that hasn’t been brought to light just yet. It could simply be Kody’s personality, as one fan brought up.

So, what do you think happened that made Kody no longer trust Christine Brown? Do you think he’s to blame? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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