Christine Brown ‘Overwhelmed’ By Her Beautiful Daughters

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Christine Brown really adores her children. She is also incredibly supportive of them. In a recent Sister Wives episode, the topic of Gwendlyn’s sexuality came up. It was quite easy and simple for Christine to talk about. It clicked quite early, when Meri’s child, Leon came out, and from there, Gwen has been comfortable. Christine even discussed her girl crushes with her daughter and the camera. So it is no surprise that she is showing off her beautiful girls. Read on for more details and to see the photo that sparked it all.

Christine Brown ‘Overwhelmed’ By Beautiful Girls

It was a weekend full of love as Kody’s second wife, Janelle’s eldest child tied the knot. Logan Brown married his longtime fiancee, Michelle Petty and many of the Browns were in attendance. This included Christine and most of her children. It appeared that Mykelti Padron could not be there as she is thisclose to giving birth to twin boys. However, she did repost a photo of her family and commented about how great they looked.

Christine Brown/IG
                                              Ysabel, Aspyn, Christine, Truely, Gwendlyn

As for Christine, she shared a picture of her and her daughters, Aspyn, Truely, Gwendlyn, and Ysabel on Instagram. Over the photo, she wrote, “it’s amazing and overwhelming to be the mom of these beautiful ladies.” Christine beamed as she was dressed in a navy dress. Gwen had an off-the-shoulder deep red dress and black heels. Both Aspyn and Ysabel opted for a dark green while little Truely wore gray with a white short-sleeved sweater over.

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown from Instagram

Janelle and Christine also posed together throughout the night and looked like they were having an amazing time. The two have been amazingly close since Christine left the plural family and moved to Utah. They travel with their families and go on adventures. Plus, they promote Plexus along with Janelle’s daughter, Maddie so it is a family affair. However, Janelle has always given her former sister wife credit for helping to raise her six kids.

Living Her Best Life

The latest Sister Wives episodes have been really hard for Christine Brown. She has had to tell her youngest daughter, Truely that she and Kody have divorced. Furthermore, she has had to inform Truely that they are leaving Flagstaff for Utah. There is also the custody issue between her and Kody which he is making extremely difficult. Since he is unaware of the law, he proceeds to make things up. Yet, Christine will continue to follow her heart regardless of what he has to say because she knows what is best.

What do you think of Christine Brown and her girls’ looks at the wedding? Are you proud of how far she has come since leaving the plural family? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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